Christian Home & Family: How Parents Can Impact Their Child’s Direction

Christian Home & Family: How Parents Can Impact Their Child’s Direction April 9, 2015

Christian Home and Family


Parents of adolescents, older teens, and adult children can often view the trajectory of their child’s life with great concern because they can see the disaster that bad choices are bringing. Is there anything a parent can do to divert their child from a life of terrible consequences?

In this episode of the podcast, I’m going to give every parent two things they can do that will help them move into their child’s life in a positive way, to help gently steer them into healthier directions. There is no guarantee, but with God’s help, you can move toward your child with positive, loving concern that can have a positive impact on their future.

As I was out for a beautiful drive recently, it dawned on me that each and every one of us are heading somewhere. Sometimes we know clearly that we are heading somewhere beautiful. But there are other times in life where we don’t know exactly where we’re going.

And what about the direction of our kids’ lives?

As parents, we are often concerned, maybe even scared, about the direction your kids are heading in. You can see the trajectory that they are on, and it is not good. And there are times when we feel very helpless in this matter, especially as they get older.

Well, we may be at a loss in these moments, but God isn’t.

He is never hopeless. He is all-powerful.

So, our first step should be to diligently pray to God about the direction of our children’s lives. Now, I’m not talking about praying in a worried, frantic, anxious manner. I’m talking about praying prayers of faith that take God’s truth into account.

Pour over the Bible and find God’s promises to His people and ask God to apply these things to your family. Pray that God would bring them to a place of repentance and teach them humility.

Prayer is not only foundational to the Christian life, but critical to Christian parenting.

After prayer, you need to begin working on communication with your kids. Even if you have a strained relationship with them for one reason or another, you need to start tiptoeing into a series of conversations where you work with your kids, striving toward a point of understanding where things went awry. In time, these conversations turn into better relationships which open doors into your kid’s heart.

Patient endurance is the key. Don’t let the feeling of hopelessness overwhelm you.

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