The Daren Streblow Comedy Show Mini-Cast 134: Daren Streblow comedy tour and Brad Stine

The Daren Streblow Comedy Show Mini-Cast 134: Daren Streblow comedy tour and Brad Stine March 21, 2016

Daren Streblow

Today we’re excited to be launching The Daren Streblow Comedy tour! The first leg is going to be in the Montana area.


Monday, April 25th – Sheridan, WY
Tuesday, April 26th – Miles City, MT
Thursday, April 28th – Helena, MT
Friday, April 29th – Lewistown, MT
Saturday, April 30th – Great Falls, MT

Sunday, May 1st – Eureka, MT
Monday, May 2nd – Kalispell, MT
Tuesday, Mary 3rd – Havre, MT
Wednesday, May 4th – Williston, ND

Here is a quick video of what you can look forward to seeing.

When I started in this Business I had a mentor and I was very blessed to have him, welcome Brad Stine! We worked together a few weeks ago it was so fun watching you work live again. I was noticing when you were interacting with the crowd just how much you enjoyed not only making them laugh but also making them thing. You almost enjoy it as much as the laughter is that accurate to say? Brad says starting up in the comedy business no one knows where their going to end up. When he started he didn’t know he was going to be as huge of as start as he was, he just wanted to be funny, but he was a Christian and he was conservative. That just happen to be who he was but Brad says he didn’t apply it to his comedy initially. He was just trying to be a clean comic with out curse words or sex jokes. So it made Brad compete better with those who were dirty.


As Brad began telling jokes in churches and folks who were more aware of our heritage as a Christian nation and our founding fathers that became very important to Brad. He felt like he had to say something, he says the moment you have the feeling that you have to say something, you are going to lose a broader audience. Brad and I talked about how it’s a riskier move to do this and Brad says you have to decide in those moments, What is the purpose of your comedy? Is it to make a living? Then Brad says keep it vanilla, broad and let everyone think you’re the sweetest person. For Brad he just felt that at the end of the day he had to answer to God for what he did in this culture and how he impacted it.

I’ve known Brad to be a very authentic person, I ask “Why it’s so important to you?” Brad said he likes to speak truths even when it gets him heat from Christians. He says he does get push back from people but that he also gets a lot of appreciation from people. Brad says his goal is to give people hope in this journey of faith that is filled with mistakes and screw-ups. Brad starts to talk about how we are called to love God and others. He shares something very profound about the second part of that response. There seems to be a connection between how you see yourself and how you love yourself to how you can be the type of neighbor and the type of Christian Gods wants you to be. Brad shares that one of the things he’s been working on is to learn how to forgive himself as quickly as God forgives him. One of the biggest things we have as believers is grace. When we ask for forgiveness we know we’re forgiven but Brad asks “Do we forgive ourselves that quickly?”

Brad says the truth is we don’t forgive ourselves as quickly as God does, we sit there and sulk and say we’re not worth. It’s not true, the enemy would love for us to believe that but it’s not. To realize that Jesus died for every sins even the ones we haven’t done yet, that’s what makes it amazing grace!

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