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Transform: Business Peacemakers May 4, 2016

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Jesus said in Matthew 5:9,

“Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called Sons of God”

Have you ever noticed that Christianity is almost always directly opposite of what is “normal” in the world? It seems even more that way when it comes to doing business in a Christian way. Business can be a “dog eat dog” world where you feel like you have to step on other people to get ahead (or to the top). But Jesus says, “NO WAY!” to that mentality.

Jesus taught us the “law of love,” that we’re to apply toward God and toward other people – and there’s only one way we can carry it out – in HIS strength and power. So take today’s lesson in that vein…

It can be VERY hard to be a “peacemaker” in business. You get that cranky, crazy, irrational customer who can’t be pleased. You get competitors who slander and mock you to people who you know you could serve. What’s the Christian way to do business in those situations? By being a peacemaker.

In some ways, it doesn’t make sense, but it’s what Jesus teaches. It’s by being different like this that we gain the attention of those in the non-Christian business world… it’s how we become seen as “sons of God” – different, authentic, loving, caring about people more than we care about the issue.

Imagine the possibility that the reason why your irrational, troublesome client or customer is behaving in such a way is because there is something going on within their mind, heart or soul that is tormenting them “behind the scenes”. If someone with a caring, loving attitude… you know, like a Christ-following businessperson… were to take an interest in what is going on with them and help them find peace, then the business payoffs can be immeasurable!

When we are more concerned about making peace with people and bringing harmony between individuals – even more concerned than about making a profit or who is right or wrong – then people will see the Spirit of Christ in us. Through our actions and attitudes, people will start to identify us as “sons and daughters of God”. They will see something different in us in the midst of the typical “dog eat dog” world.

So, what can you do this week with clients – OR EVEN WITH COMPETITORS – to reveal yourself as a peacemaker and therefore a child of the Living God?

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