The Daren Streblow Comedy Show Mini-Cast 171: Mike Goodwin

The Daren Streblow Comedy Show Mini-Cast 171: Mike Goodwin January 9, 2017

My buddy Mike Goodwin calls into the show this week – a man on the mend.

Recently, Mike thought he was Michael Jordan instead of Michael Goodwin. Then, suddenly, unsolicitedly and unpredictably, Mike’s Achilles tendon reminded him who he was. And, according to Mike’s doctors, at a certain age, they don’t even repair Achilles injuries anymore.

“Sorry, sir. If you were younger, you’d be worth doing surgery on. But, since you’re so old, you’re just going to have to limp around for the rest of your days… however few they may be.”

Apparently basketball is the Achilles heel of the Achilles heel.Clean Comedy from Mike Goodwin

Then, to add insult to injury… or injury to injury… or insult to insult…

Mike had his downtime while surrounded with his extended family through Christmas. And, as he puts it,

“If we were having a family draft, some of these people wouldn’t be on anyone’s team. You’d at least trade them away for some other people. But, unfortunately, that’s not how families work. So, you’re pretty much stuck with the team that was there when you showed up. You got there and that’s who you’re with… for the rest of your life.”

And, some people aren’t even aware of the crazy in their family. More specifically, they’re not aware that they ARE the crazy in their family. Because every family has at least one crazy in it. And, if you can’t identify who it is in your family… look carefully in the mirror.

For example, Mike has a cousin who is a drama queen – the whole world is her stage. During the holidays, the whole family went out to a restaurant and their waiter upset her in some way. As she sat there and fumed, she uttered the words, “You just wait until he comes back. I’m going to give him a piece of my mind!”

NOW, WAIT A MINUTE! Thought Mike… she needs to be careful. This is one woman who can’t afford to be giving away a piece of her mind. As a matter of fact, she should go around gathering up all pieces that she has given out and put her mind back together like Humpty Dumpty. She simply has given out too many pieces. We all need to have a mind to operate with, and she is running dangerously low.

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