The Daren Streblow Comedy Show Mini-Cast 178: Tim Hawkins

The Daren Streblow Comedy Show Mini-Cast 178: Tim Hawkins April 10, 2017

I am on the road with my buddy Tim Hawkins. Even though it’s the eighth time together on air, it still feels new, despite our large body of work, as they say in the biz. We’re having a blast performing together… even when we can’t hear one another. For instance, the other night I could hardly hear a word he was saying, but I caught the words “Eye of Sauron” and KNEW he was making fun of my bald spot.

Oh, the little things that make us laugh!Comedians Daren Streblow and Tim Hawkins

Tim is moving on up in the comedy world. Working tiny rooms with a handful of people sitting in front of him not paying attention is in his rear view mirror. Now, he’s doing theater work! I’m still performing at a lot of churches these days, but Tim has had the opportunity to make an audience laugh without a giant wooden cross hanging three feet behind him. What a difference that makes when it comes to people loosening up and laughing!

It’s just a different vibe.

Yet, when we get to perform at churches, we can easily spend fifteen minutes just talking about the unique things in the room… because every church is funny looking in its own cool way, from creepy looking organs to drummers sitting inside aquariums.

One nice thing about working theaters, though, are the crew! They do shows like ours all the time and know exactly where to put everything and how to efficiently pull off a comedy show. But they don’t often know who we are. Just the other night, a girl apologized profusely that she didn’t know us from Adam… but made up for it by telling us that she laughed all night long!

I can’t imagine what it’s like for these guys to work an EDM concert one night and then a couple yokels telling jokes the next.

Tim’s act is really cool in that he picks a new partner every week to work with… despite the fact that he has no need at all to have anyone support him. He could easily perform for thousands all by himself, yet he takes the trouble and expense of bringing out guys like me alongside him.

But, according to him, it’s all self-serving. Having someone else there makes the show so much better. It all helps to make Tim, us, the audience… all of us feel so comfortable that it’s like we’re in Tim’s living room – just sitting on the couch listening, laughing, telling jokes, playing music and having fun together.

You can find out when and where Tim is coming to a town near you by checking out!

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