Relational Toolshed: Guiding Discovery with Scott Schimmel

Relational Toolshed: Guiding Discovery with Scott Schimmel June 2, 2017

Guiding Discovery with Scott Schimmel

This week’s tool of the week is Scott Schimmel, the Founder, President, and Chief Guide at The YouSchool. After spending over ten years in a non-profit helping college students become world changers, Scott is deeply aware of the challenges students face when stepping into the professional world. This is why he’s invested his time guiding young people. Outside of YouSchool, Scott is an avid reader, speaker, writer, and golf fiend—and his latest challenge is learning how to coach Little League baseball. His wife and three children keep him anchored. Connect with him on LinkedIn or email.Guiding Discovery with Scott Schimmel

YouSchool has a variety of applications. For one, it is an educational life-planning program for high school students that helps unlock individual passion, drive, skills and preferences.

The YouSchool also works with Navy SEALs, military special forces units, athletes, coaches, executives, parents, etc. and is a guided coaching program that helps people in life’s transitions answer important questions:

What’s my purpose?

Where do I belong?

What great story could I tell with my life?

Who will journey with me?

Scott joined us this week and shared insights into what drives his passion for helping others discover their uniqueness’s, life purpose, vocation & sense of calling. As we spoke Scott shared multiple examples of where people find themselves getting “stuck” and tools YouSchool uses to help people get “Un-stuck”. Whether it be students deciding on college, career or relationships; or everyday people trying to discover a deeper sense of purpose in their work, vocation and family. Scott had fascinating insights in relationship dynamics and what can help us everyday folk be better listeners and guides for our friends, family and relational networks. Scott also shared some tools that we as influencers, mentors, coaches, parents and advisers can do to help the next generation find clarity in chasing their dreams and passions.

YouSchool also has an amazing blog that consistently publishes outstanding resources, articles, and tools.

This episode is loaded with tools we hope equip you to build stronger relationships. Hope you enjoy!

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