Relational Toolshed: Providing Good Counsel with Charlie Ruce

Relational Toolshed: Providing Good Counsel with Charlie Ruce June 23, 2017

The Importance of Providing Good Counsel with Charlie Ruce

This week in the “Shed”, our tool of the week is Charlie Ruce of the Soul Care House.

Charlie and I will be discussing the importance of providing and seeking good counsel from wise people!

More about Charlie

As a licensed marriage and family therapist, Charlie has a lot to say about wise counsel and relating to one another:

 Importance of Providing Good Counsel with Charlie Ruce“There are many metaphors for the process we as human beings go through to become whole, fully alive people. A journey, a path, an unfolding, a quest, a searching, a cry of the soul are a few of the metaphors for this process. There are also many names for what happens when we can no longer go through life “business as usual” and we find that we need to change something in order to keep moving forward. These times of life have been referred to as deserts, walls, dark nights of the soul, a season of winter, an internal battle and so on. These are seasons that often require guidance and help to move through the hurt, anger, loneliness and internal struggle involved with moving on to the next phase of our lives.  

I had my first experience with this at age 19 when I knew my life was emotionally empty and I needed something more. I sought out mentors who were very helpful. Then at age 21 I was told I needed therapy and 12-step recovery. What followed was a very difficult season of healing. Over the last 15 years there have been many more of these times of struggle and growth. In my personal life,  in my marriage with my wife Heather, and  professionally I have continually come to crossroads where I needed a guide, mentor, sponsor, therapist or spiritual director. As each new stage was resolved and I stepped into new freedom, self awareness and a sense of wholeness, inevitably the next part of the journey would reveal itself. 

As a therapist, I walk with individual men, women, and couples through these seasons of life that require guidance, clarity, healing, and a process to move from feeling stuck to feeling free and more alive and whole. If you have had therapy in the past but feel like you need to take another step, or you have been journeying inward on your own for a while now but know its time to seek the help of someone else, I would be happy to work with you to move through this season and into the next one. I also have extensive experience working with those in recovery from sexual addiction. If you have been in recovery for a while but need to take another step of healing and growth, I would be happy to journey with you.”

Charlie specializes in:

  • Those with previous therapy experience looking to take the next step
  • Couple’s struggling to connect deeply
  • Trauma/Feeling like life should be “more” than it is
  • Recovery from sexual addiction
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