White Horse Inn: The Search for a New Adam, part 1

White Horse Inn: The Search for a New Adam, part 1 June 28, 2017

The Search for a New Adam, part 1

In many ways, the Bible is the unpacking of God’s initial promise recorded in Genesis 3:15, that though death entered the world through man’s fall, one day a child would be born who would restore all things and crush the serpent’s head. Therefore, the primary question that we should ask as we make our way through the pages of Scripture is whether any new character that emerges might actually be this child of promise.

What we see again and again, however, is that all of these potential messiahs end up not being anything new at all, but actually end up being mirror images of the old Adam. Join us as we begin this new series on the White Horse Inn.

Host Quote:The Search for a New Adam

“We just don’t want to look at how far East of Eden we actually are… I remember years ago, I was walking along the path of the college with our universal genius, Professor of Math, Robert Marion. He said, ‘What do you think is the greatest doctrine that came from the 16th century?’ I said, ‘Well, that salvation is by God’s grace alone through faith in Christ alone on the basis of his merits alone.’ He said, ‘I used to think that, too.’ I said, ‘What in the world do you think now?’ He said, ‘I think it’s a doctrine of a real Fall, because without it, you don’t even look.’ He had a point. We have a whole western civilization of theologians who have just not wanted to talk very much about the Fall of man. Where are we? We’re East of Eden.” – Rod Rosenbladt

Term to Learn:

“Original Sin”

6.2 Our first parents, by this sin, fell from their original righteousness and communion with God, and we in them whereby death came upon all: all becoming dead in sin, and wholly defiled in all the faculties and parts of soul and body.

6.3 They being the root, and by God’s appointment, standing in the room and stead of all mankind, the guilt of the sin was imputed, and corrupted nature conveyed, to all their posterity descending from them by ordinary generation, being now conceived in sin, and by nature children of wrath, the servants of sin, the subjects of death, and all other miseries, spiritual, temporal, and eternal, unless the Lord Jesus set them free.

6.4 From this original corruption, whereby we are utterly indisposed, disabled, and made opposite to all good, and wholly inclined to all evil, do proceed all actual transgressions. (1689 London Baptist Confession, chap. 6, Sections 2–4)

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