Unorthodox Violence: An Interview with John Hintz (part 1)

Unorthodox Violence: An Interview with John Hintz (part 1) July 10, 2017

Unorthodox Violence: An Interview with John Hintz (part 1)

Do you ever look back on your life and see God in the rear view mirror? At the risk of mixing a motherload of metaphors, you may not see Him while He’s alongside you, but when you look back in time, you can see how all the puzzle pieces of your life have been put together by God, Himself.

This week, we get to have a cool conversation with a buddy of mine named John. It’s going to be a little bit different – a two-part story – because John’s story starts at a very young age and becomes a story of brokenness, violence, drugs and worse… and then transforms into a story of redemption!

That’s the key: Redemption. It’s the theme that has run through John’s life.

In part one of his story, we hit on a few of his early milestones, including:

  • Growing Up In culturally divided Milwaukee
  • First Worst Memory – getting kidnapped
  • “Violence became a big part of my life”
  • Moved to the farm / parents divorce
  • Dad leaves: “You are the man now”
  • Looked for religion not God
  • Not fulfilled with Catholicism / Mom joins occult
  • Mom attempts suicide
  • Back to church
  • Public to Private School and back to Public
  • Mom remarried to a crazy, then kicked outUnorthodox Violence: An Interview with John Hintz
  • Mom’s new boyfriend Jim: lots of drugs, wanted to hurt Jim
  • Moved in with Dad – starts working & fighting in Dad’s bar
  • More drugs, tries to kill Jim
  • Walker’s Point six-week live in facility
  • Conversation with Dad
  • Enlists in Marine Corp
  • Military, wife, kids, leave military for law enforcement
  • Divorce, focused on kids… but more on work

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