The Daren Streblow Comedy Show Mini-Cast 187: The O’Brien Sisters & Kay Dodd

The Daren Streblow Comedy Show Mini-Cast 187: The O’Brien Sisters & Kay Dodd August 14, 2017

Clean comedy with The O’Brien Sisters & Kay Dodd

It’s a Daren Streblow Comedy Show First this week… two sisters, one host and unlimited laughs! The O’Brien Sisters, Jennifer and Robin, are improv artists, stand up artists, sketch comedy artists, and moms… they do it all!

They’ve been working together ever since they were kids… then again, back then it was pretty much just Jennifer and Robin in a room wearing wigs they stole from their grandmother. Bottom line is, even as little girls, the two of them simply thrived on receiving attention. One of their first sketches they ever did was a Country Time Lemonade bit they created at a family get together. They created a commercial, even wrote and sang an original jingle. Then, at the end of the commercial, they had a friend of theirs drink the tasty Country Time… and he died.

So, even at a young age, the two of them were excited about laughing at death.Clean comedy with The O’Brien Sisters & Kay Dodd

Jennifer officially started doing stand up in her early 20’s as a college drop out and single mom. She was basically looking for a creative outlet to express her life choices and quickly realized that there were paying audiences out there who would pay her money to hear about her poor decisions. At that same time, Robin was working in the TV/Film industry with roots in radio, which she began by begging her way into doing a 3:00am radio show while still in high school!

Now, I have two sisters who are also hilarious. There are times when we are laughing so hard my stomach literally aches from laughter. But I couldn’t get them on stage if their lives depended on it! So, for me, it’s such a thrill to see the O’Brien Sisters doing comedy together!

It’s just a shame that after performing together for all these years that they absolutely hate each other. 😉

But, in all seriousness, the two of them are best friends, and most of all, are able to be completely honest and transparent with one another. This means that they can go straight for one another’s jugulars… in a loving and compassionate way!

The hard truth is that the two of them are not strangers to pain. They’ve actually been through quite a bit in life, and they are very open about that, even on stage. Particularly regarding single motherhood, they actually discuss many of the tricks, trials, and trips they’ve been on as single moms.

Robin has been surprised at the reception she has received from Christian audiences, who tend to want to mourn with her, not recognizing that she’s at the point where she can talk about it, laugh about it, and even wants others to laugh with her about it.

But, neither of them would be where they are – content with all things that life has thrown their way and that they’ve thrown back – if it weren’t for their relationships with Jesus Christ. They know that everything they’ve been given is a gift from God, which makes every laugh, every moment, every day they have here on earth extremely valuable! Not to mention, that God and His word helps provide some boundaries for their comedy and their life choices. So, today, they are able to freely be comedians without any regrets… without ever fearing if they crossed a line that shouldn’t have been crossed.

Check out more of their amazing stuff including their YouTube channel, radio show, and so much more at!

Clean comedy with The O’Brien Sisters & Kay DoddNext up, the absolutely hysterical Kay Dodd joins the show in need of a little help. She called in from the incredibly hot ATL… Atlanta, Georgia. And the summer temperatures haven’t been helping at all with her weight loss struggles. She’s tried Weight Watchers (which she believes is nothing but a cult). Her sponsor would talk about reaching 27 Weight Watcher points in a day… but Kay would always be racking up high scores of 42, hoping to win a prize! (And that was just breakfast)

So, instead of feeling down every week by not reaching her goals of losing weight, she started setting her sights on gaining weight, and since doing that, she has felt like a champion every week!

Kay actually came up with her own diet: The Blue Bell Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream Diet. While on it, she didn’t loose a single ounce, but she was never, ever cranky, either!

When she first started working comedy clubs, she was a little, itty bitty size two comedian. Since switching to clean comedy and performing at more churches, she is still a 2… she has just added an X to the number. That’s all.

Truth be told, a while back she did loose 45 pounds! That’s right… she lost a third-grader! She quickly went from a 20 to a 12 in just nine months. But, since then, she’s gone from a 12 to a 16. Those free hotel breakfasts will get you every time! There’s only so many Twinkies you can fit in your coffee cup and sneak them back to your room.

Kay realized that she needs to find a way to burn calories… so she set fire to a carrot cake!

Whatever works!

Keep up on Kay Dodd’s adventures and encourage her on her weight loss journey at!

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