Unorthodox Man Podcast: An Unorthodox Interview with Steve “Skogger” Meketa

Unorthodox Man Podcast: An Unorthodox Interview with Steve “Skogger” Meketa August 14, 2017

Steve “Skogger” Meketa’s Story of Rebellious Punk to Rebellious Christian

This week, I get to talk with a cool buddy of mine, Steve “Skogger” Meketa. Steve’s story is amazing, starting in Cleveland, where he grew up as an odd kid. He was bullied and outcast… but then he was introduced to skating & punk! For better or worse, the Misfits changed Steve’s life!

Here are a few of the things Steve and I discuss:Steve “Skogger” Meketa's story of rebellious punk to rebellious Christian

  • Straight Edge and the Angry Teenager: fighting locals, run in with cops and things get weirder
  • Started his first band, sang about murder & insanity, strived to be offensive.
  • What attracted Steve to punk pushed him away from church. Church kids were weird but punks were cool… “Fonzie or Potzie”?
  • Days in the scene, horrible attitude, insulting and attacking…
  • Transition into who Steve is today, illness and hospitalized… then he got cancer
  • Guy gives him a bible, no idea who the guy was, still didn’t understand what he was reading.
  • 13 more days in the hospital, reading and talking to friends, growing ever since.
  • Released from the hospital and went back to the scene, then left everyone behind to pursue Jesus, and got back into skating.
  • Moved to California, found “Skogging”, but then his mentor got sick and passed away.
  • Steve then got into church and worship, but didn’t understand the church culture or fit in.
  • He found a new church, which was an answer to prayer!
  • Steve learned to “Major on the Majors”.
  • Steve prays: “Lord, If I am wrong then God fix me, if they are wrong God then You fix them.”
  • What would Steve tell a younger Steve or a friend from the past?
  • Would he change anything? Where he is today is built upon his broken past. THIS is the hardest thing he’s ever done
  • Steve now has a heart to pray for people that he’s afraid of. He prays for the homeless and police officers.

This is just part of Steve’s story. You’ve got to listen to what God has done throughout his life to mold him into the man he is today… a man who loves living for God!

As Steve says, “You can change… your life can change… EVERYTHING can change!”

Follow along with Steve’s skogging adventures at and

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