Unorthodox Moment: RIGHT NOW!

Unorthodox Moment: RIGHT NOW! August 11, 2017

Make Your Right Now Matter

Right Now, RIGHT NOW! This very moment matters.

Too many of us are caught in what happened yesterday, last week and last year. While others are stuck worried about what might happen next. We get so caught in what was and what might be that we don’t live right now.

You know the problem with right now? It’s gone, it’s over, it’s done.

When we don’t live in the “now”, then we don’t give the appropriate attention to our wives, kids, family, ministry, or ourselves.

Right now.

As you read this, right now life is marching on. These moments you can never get back. I’m not saying stop reading… but maybe you should. Maybe you should walk away right now and go live your life. Because here is what I am willing to bet, each of us tends to lean one-way or the other.

Make your right now matter
Image: Emily Roper-Doten

We tend to get stuck in what could have been, what we didn’t do, our shortcomings. “If coach would have put me in, we could have won state.” We’ve all said an Uncle Rico line or two. If my band would have played that one show I would be famous now. If I would have made that one deal I’d be rich. If I… Then I… Yes we all have “those things” that’s life. My question is this: Are you going to live in the past, a past that will never change, or will you live right now?

The other group of guys out there is my type of guys. We are the guys that think, “If I can just get a few things in line, then I’ll be…” If I can get some more time then I can take my wife on that date night. If I ever get that time then I can start that dream project I’ve been thinking about. If, if, if, if… but we never get to then because we never take the time now.

I guarantee tomorrow is coming. But I can’t guarantee you’ll be ready for it because you aren’t taking the time right now.

Whatever we are doing, whatever we are engaged in, is going to prep us for what’s to come. But if we don’t let go of the past, if we don’t move on, if we don’t process “what was” then we will never be ready for “what is”. Our past will hold our tomorrow’s hostage.

This reminds me of the words of Jesus in Matthew 6:34, “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

It’s coming. Tomorrow is going to be here. What are we going to do about it? What are we going to do to get ready for it?

Trust me, your kids don’t care that in six weeks, you are going to make time for them. What your kids care about is what you are going to do with them right now. Next time you see them stop, put down your phone, look them in the eyes and tell them “I love you, I am so proud of you”. And here’s why… Your daughter want’s to know she’s beautiful by the man who is defining what masculinity is. Your wife wants you to come home on time, not because she wants you to finish the list of projects, but because she wants to know she is valued and important. You know what else is important? You taking the time to get yourself healthy – mentally, emotionally, physically healthy.

You need to start doing these things right now. Why now? Because you didn’t do it yesterday and you aren’t going to do it tomorrow if you don’t start now. If you are waiting for something to happen, let me tell you, you are right. Something needs to happen and that something is you.

You know why I am so passionate and excited about this concept of “Right Now”? it’s because about two years ago I thought “It would be cool to do a blog, podcast and website.” Then I sat on my hands for two years hoping something could happen. Well nothing ever happened, until I decided I need to get started now.

Some of you need to start talking to your kids – right now!

Some of you need to quit drinking – right now!

Some of you need to say I am sorry – right now!

Some of you need to leave work early to be with folks who love you – right now!

Make your right now matter. Live in such a way you no longer look back and wonder “what if” because your right now is so impacting.

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is coming. So, what will your right now?

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