Relational Toolshed: Inside the Teenage Mind

Relational Toolshed: Inside the Teenage Mind August 11, 2017

This week in the “Shed” we go way off the grid and have multiple tools of the week as we venture inside the mind of teenagers with our guests…John, Lindsey and Sean.

Are We Asking Our Teens the Right Types of Questions?

Join us as we talk about the teens’ perspectives on:Are we asking our teens the right types of questions?

  • What’s cool? What’s not? What are people wearing that’s out?
  • What social media is acceptable for parents, teens, etc.? Should parents avoid it or engage it?
  • When do teens call someone an “old person”? I.e. when do you officially become “old”.
  • What type of drug use is common on campus? Is drug culture over-hyped?
  • The rise of the “vaping” culture & tobacco use.
  • How are drugs being handled by parents and within households?
  • Is there an epidemic of academic dishonesty? If so, why?
  • Parenting styles, how does strict vs. not strict affect teens? What do they prefer? Is there balance?
  • How are academic pressures manifesting? College acceptances and other identity challenges.

One topic that was of unique interest to us was the pressure for teens to feel they’re making “an impact in the world,” is that healthy or unhealthy?

  • Are teens being given permission to take breaks, rest, or relax?
  • Do teens want discipline, if so, what type?
  • How do sports play into the high school experience, positives, negatives, structure?
  • What are things parents or people in your life do that communicate to you that they love you?
  • Do teens notice sacrifices that are done on their behalf?

Eventually we circled the wagons and asked the teen panel to offer recommendations such as:

  • What do they recommend for other students, parents, mentors?
  • Things they wish they could’ve changed about their high school experience?
  • What are teens carrying that no one knows and how do we help?

As we reflect on this episode it’s worth asking… Are we asking our teens these types of questions and allowing them to share their experiences? Are we a safe person to ask and get honest answers?

Right, wrong, or indifferent, you will get to hear the scoop from teens, what they want, how they feel, and allow you to make your own conclusions on how we as a culture can best love our teens.

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