White Horse Inn: Is Faith Opposed to Evidence?

White Horse Inn: Is Faith Opposed to Evidence? August 10, 2017

New Testament View of Faith and its Relationship to Evidence

Sometimes when discussing evidence for the Christian faith, a person may respond by asking, “What room does this leave for faith?” This question actually reveals a misunderstanding of the Christian view of faith which is grounded in factual claims about the person and work of Christ as reported and authenticated by eyewitnesses.

On this program, the hosts will discuss the New Testament view of faith and its relationship to evidence as they continue their new series, What Is Faith? Join us for this new episode of the White Horse Inn.

Host Quote:

New Testament view of faith and its relationship to evidence“This is a unique thing about Christianity, and when I wrote The Story of Reality, this was a major emphasis for me. I wanted people to get clear that in our story, God rescues man. Man doesn’t rescue himself. God rescues him. After man fell, he got himself in a heap of trouble and God could have just ended it right then. He had no rescue plan for angels. But for his own purposes and for his own glory, he decided to rescue human beings by becoming a man himself and this is the coherence of our story. God comes down.

“God takes on humanity to achieve that rescue because we were utterly helpless to save ourselves. We were enslaved to our own fleshly desires. We were under the wrath of God. We were guilty and the king is angry, rightfully so. But even so, he expresses his mercy and his kindness by initiating that rescue plan to do for us what we could not do for ourselves.” – Greg Koukl

Term to Learn:

“The Goal of Apologetics”

[As human beings] we have many objections, barriers, biases, acculturations, conditions, misconceptions, presuppositions, distortion of facts, and any number of excuses. It is the goal of Christian apologetics to remove these hindrances that stand between a person and the cross of Christ. As a result, some Christians see apologetics as pre-evangelism; it is not the gospel, but it prepares the soil for the gospel…. Whatever its relation to the gospel, apologetics is an extremely important enterprise that can profoundly impact unbelievers and be used as the tool that clears the way to faith in Jesus Christ. (Doug Powell, Holman Quick Source Guide to Christian Apologetics, pp. 5-6)

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