Brad Stine Has Issues: Truth vs. The World – Dog Saver or Human Hater?

Brad Stine Has Issues: Truth vs. The World – Dog Saver or Human Hater? October 23, 2017

Truth vs. The World – Dog Saver or Human Hater?

It is time for Truth vs. The World, where true stories are exposed so we can laugh and mock them when they need to be so people can grow up and actually deal with truth!

Here is a true story about the world we live in and why it’s a problem:

The daughter of the 8th richest man in the world, Georgina Bloomberg, flew to Puerto Rico on a private jet to rescue 30 stray dogs.

I guess that Sarah McLachlan song got to her!

The 30 dogs on the tiny island of Vieques were flown to the Palm Beach International Airport. (The mail men of Vieques thank you, by the way.) The dogs ended up on the island by flying on a commercial airline originally bound for Kankakee, Illinois.

Truth vs. The World - Dog Saver or Human Hater?
Source: Georgina Bloomberg/Instagram

The dogs were described as “living in poverty”.

Is this a social issue now?

Obviously most dogs live in poverty, still I bet they didn’t pay for that with a credit card!

Georgina flew on a private jet to pick up some dogs, isn’t she concerned about the exhaust and carbon footprint she’s leaving?

When asked if all the dogs would fit comfortable on the Jet she replied, “Of course! There is plenty of room in the overhead compartments!”

Bloomberg’s daughter said she was put on this earth to do good to animals… not humans… not unborn babies… not even starving children or people whose lives were destroyed by disasters… but animals.

As you know on this show we like to make fun of ideas and thoughts because we feel like liberty belongs to us, too. But, we do try to cut to the chase.

What are we really dealing with here?

As much as we love our pets, they do not have the imprint of the Creator on their souls… because they don’t have souls.

Well, maybe that’s the issue, that imprint has been marred in the soul of humanity, so we begin to rescue pets instead of people.

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