Unorthodox Man Podcast: Unorthodox Words with Jeremiah Dirt

Unorthodox Man Podcast: Unorthodox Words with Jeremiah Dirt November 27, 2017

Unorthodox Words with Jeremiah Dirt

This week, I’m joined by a friend-of-a-friend who had a lot of impact on me back in 1997, when I got saved. I picked up this brother’s CD and I’ve been listening to it ever since. Who is this guy? The one and only Jeremiah Dirt from the Plague of Locusts!

Here are just a few highlights of our conversation. (better yet, hit the play button and hear it all!):

  • Born in Chicago but moved to San Diego at 2Unorthodox Words with Jeremiah Dirt
    • Early teens started music and by 17 signed to a record deal and started touring
  • Faith journey
    • Doesn’t have the “typical” one time decision – feels it was a long slow revelation
    • God’s holiness contradicted his growing up – needed to get serious
  • Music & failure
    • Thrown in front of Christian crowds to preform and act the part
    • Knew he had to do something but he didn’t know how to do it – told to be an example but wasn’t sure what that meant
    • Didn’t understand the basics of following Jesus and it cost him
    • Lost a 10 year marriage, separated from kids, and lost his platform & following
    • Part of the struggle was being young in the faith and not having knowledge of God’s word and then being shunned by churches because of his image and getting lost in “Religion” and faith in Jesus.
  • After his “fall”
    • People gave him looks like “Aren’t you a Christian?”
    • His faith was always real but he struggled and sinned
    • He owns his past sin and knows he was also to blame for his failures
    • Felt like David – David was a great king but horrible husband and father. He was doing great in ministry and from stage and yet was not a good husband or dad.
    • Now he sees how God loves him and what Grace, Mercy & Love looks like. Now knows what relationship with Jesus is and responds to Jesus not church culture or religious organizations.
  • Responding to failure
    • Years after stumbling in darkness he shares his faith with others through his failures
    • His style of ministry is “come and see”
    • Knows that others have different styles of ministry but knows who he’s called to and how he’s supposed to reach them
    • Don’t worry about the “Theological Camps” understand Jesus love and grace
    • Calls me out for “Christian-ese” and we agree on doing our part of ministry and accepting that God does the work we are just parts of His team
  • Hip Hop Mission Field
    • We talk about the love of music
    • How Hip Hop has been ravaged by negative influence
    • His struggle with being accepted into hip-hop culture
  • A call to “Practice”
    • We need to take responsibility for our faith
    • We need to live out what we claim
    • God doesn’t call us to be perfect but He calls us to be active in our faith
    • You can practice holiness or practice unholiness – you will do one or the other. You will get blessed or receive consequences.

You can connect with Jeremiah in so many ways (even in your church, stadium, or backyard… he’s willing to play anywhere at anytime with anyone!) Check out his website –, or on Instagram @JeremiahDirt, or friend him on Facebook at JeremiahDirt, and of course there’s

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