Brad Stine Has Issues: Emotional Card with Josh Harris (Political Manipulation)

Brad Stine Has Issues: Emotional Card with Josh Harris (Political Manipulation) December 11, 2017

Emotional Card with Josh Harris (Political Manipulation)

We try to be careful regarding the emotional fragility of some of the progressives that have tuned in accidentally. They didn’t realize that they were getting into something way over their head.

You see, if we’ve learned anything in America recently, it’s that if you can’t convince somebody of something with the facts, play the emotional card.

So, presenting this week’s emotional card is the one and only, Josh Harris!

Josh: You know, when you’ve got music, you really don’t need facts. Look at election coverage.  There is a common thread out there: as long as you have a deep voice and terrifying music, anyone can get into office.  Take you for example, Brad.  Everyone knows you as “God’s comic”. That’s a fact… but not if I got ahold of you.  With the right soundtrack, I can turn you into anything I want, whether it’s true or not.  And you wouldn’t stand a chance. 

Check this out:

“Do you like America? If you answered, ‘yes’, then you probably have nothing in common with Brad Stine. An illegal alien and full-time terrorist, Brad likes to brag that he’s been back to school three times… but, what he doesn’t want you to know is that it was DUI school. And, all Brad needed to get in was a .08.

“When asked if he believes in No Child Left Behind, Brad replied, ‘Not if my son takes too long to pack.’ You know, Brad likes to claim that he’s a bipartisan individual, with equal respect from both parties. But when asked who he wants to run our country, he replied, ‘I like my presidents like I like my coffee: kinda black, but brewed by white people.’

…I didn’t say that, Brad did!

Luckily, there’s Josh Harris! A die hard patriot and legal US citizen, Josh’s first child was actually a bald eagle! His favorite television station is USA, and English is his second language… because his first is American!

We know times are tough, and you feel like you’ve lost your voice, but Josh wants to give you that voice back. So, vote for Josh, and let’s put the “You” back in USA!

God bless America!”

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