Brad Stine Has Issues: Welcome to Comedy, Liberty and Justice for All!

Brad Stine Has Issues: Welcome to Comedy, Liberty and Justice for All! December 18, 2017

Welcome to Comedy, Liberty and Justice for All!

Well, here’s to truth trumping tyranny!

On this show, we’re talking about whatever needs to be discussed, so that Americans can talk again! Isn’t that what everybody says…

“We need a discussion!”

Well, we’re discussing!

We talked about things like transgenderism.

You’re not allowed to make fun of transgender people.

I didn’t make fun of them. I just brought up ideas that need to be talked about… and they were funny!

We talked about homeschoolers.

Don’t make fun of homeschooler kids, they feel bullied enough!

No they don’t. They’re homeschooled. They’re probably doing MMA for their PE class!

All the things we talk about here on Brad Stine Has Issues are hard to deal with… hard to swallow, because we’re not used to dealing with stereotypes. Why? Because stereotypes often have just enough truth to make us find the discussion funny.

You see, folks, I’d rather laugh about our differences than fight about them. I’d actually like to see if we can return to a time when we can TAKE A JOKE!

All of us. All of you. (I’m speaking to you, progressives!)

Welcome to liberty and justice for all.

And, as long as I have a mind, a mouth, and a microphone, I’m going to do some damage!

I’m Brad Stine… and I’ve got issues!

Welcome to Comedy, Liberty and Justice for All! Comedian Brad Stine takes on hot button topics such as LGBTQ, Transgenderism, homeschooling and more! To see more of Brad’s brave takes on this society we share, check out his main page on Christian Podcast Central HERE.

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