The Jon Morrison Podcast: Best of 2017 With An Apologetics Focus

The Jon Morrison Podcast: Best of 2017 With An Apologetics Focus December 28, 2017

Best of 2017 With An Apologetics Focus

2017 was an amazing year for this podcast…in fact, it has been the only year for this podcast.

As people are starting to hopefully slow down a bit and reflect on the year that was, we too paused to look back on some of the best bits of the best conversations.Best of 2017 With An Apologetics Focus

  • Listen to Gary Habermas get emotional as he talks about how the resurrection of Jesus gives him hope that his wife will live eternally.
  • Listen to Dr. C. John Collins talk about how many people are reading Genesis 1 wrong.
  • Listen to Jim Wallace use his methodology as an L.A. Homicide Director to investigate the truth claims of Christianity. His book, Forensic Faith encourages believers to have confidence that what they believe is based on evidence.
  • You can also hear Sean McDowell talk about how to find a voice as a Christian apologist and what the contemporary challenges are in Western apologetics.
  • You can listen in on renown Old Testament scholar, Paul Copan talk about how to read the context of the violent passages of the Old Testament.
  • Finally, you can listen to me as I slowly learn how to be a better host and disciple of Jesus.

It truly has been a great year. I say thanks to God and you for your faithful listening all these weeks.

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