Brad Stine Has Issues: Stefonknee, the Transgender Dad

Brad Stine Has Issues: Stefonknee, the Transgender Dad January 18, 2018

Stefonknee, the Transgender Dad

And now it’s time for Truth vs. the World! – True stories about the world we live in, and why that becomes a problem if you live by something called “common sense”.

Today’s story concerns Paul Walsh: a 52-year-old man who left his wife and seven kids to self-identify as a six-year-old girl named “Stefonknee”.

Great! Now we can’t even tell people to grow up!

This has to be very hard on his children, who now have to babysit him. So, he (or she) – the 52 year old man who is a six year old girl now – found a family to adopt her! So, who gives who the airplane rides on their knee?

And, by the way, what kind of family would adopt a 52 year old man as a six year old girl? And, wherever they live… avoid them!

I saw “her” interviewed and there are times he doesn’t act like a six-year-old. Is she like the Hulk? Does he only turn into a six year old girl when there’s a responsibility involved?

Now, I know this may come across as controversial, but I’m gonna say it: Worst… Superpower… Ever! Finally, a guy that gets angry and becomes even weaker!

On a positive note, “Stefonknee” was chosen to play Peppermint Patty in the live version of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown!

(Correction… in order to make the play more culturally sensitive, it was renamed You’re a Good Person, Charlie Brown)

So, her… or his… or hers’-is’… daughter, Amanda, invited her/him to her wedding. But refused his request to be the flower girl. She told him he had to dress like a man and sit still! Stefonknee responded with, “Don’t treat me like a child!”

I knew a little girl in grade school who had a stuttering problem. One day, she went in front of the entire student body to sing, “I Feel Pretty”. She had to start the song three times. But, once she started, she sang the song all the way through. And it was beautiful.

Now THAT’S brave!

I’m Brad Stine… and I’ve got issues!

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