Simply Joyful Podcast: The Balance Between Pursuing Holiness and Resting in Grace with Jess Connolly

Simply Joyful Podcast: The Balance Between Pursuing Holiness and Resting in Grace with Jess Connolly January 12, 2018

The Balance Between Pursuing Holiness and Resting in Grace

Balance Between Pursuing Holiness and Resting in GraceI’m super excited to have Jess Connolly on the show this week! She has a new book out, Dance Stand Run, but you may know her from her last great book that she co-authored called Wild and Free. When I first heard the title of Jess’s new book, I wasn’t sure what to expect — but, WOW! was I was blown away! She talks about the balance of pursuing holiness and resting in grace. It is such an important message for us today.

It’s so easy to not give ourselves enough grace when we mess up. Yet, on the flip side, we can also almost abuse grace and not learn (and change) from our mistakes. Jess so beautifully encourages us on how to dance in the grace that we’ve been given, how to stand in our holiness, and how to run on the mission that God calls us to.

I was just so thrilled to talk to Jess about her new book, and I cannot wait for you to listen in. I hope you will be so encouraged!

On a “Simply” & “Joyful” side note…

Jess says she’s a big believer in creating quiet in her life. Be sure to listen in to hear more on this.

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Highlights from This Show…

  • Jess shares about being a church planting family, as well as a small business owner in South Carolina. Balance Between Pursuing Holiness and Resting in Grace
  • She made me laugh when we talked about her being about being an introvert (she’s a self-proclaimed “fake” extrovert)
  • I ask Jess to share a little bit more about her new book,Dance, Stand, Run. She talked about our need to pursue more than just grace.

The wild and free girls are the holiness girls. —Jess Connolly

This book came about from praying “What part do I have in this?” —Jess Connolly

I was hiding my holiness and forgetting about it. —Jess Connolly

  • Jess breaks down the meaning behind the title of Dance, Stand, Run.

Dancing in Grace. Standing on holy ground . Running on holy mission. —Jess Connolly

  • Jess talks about the unique accountability that she had for each chapter of her book. (I’ve never seen a book that has this.)
  • In the book, Jess explains what Christian’s are “freed to.” She then goes into detail about what she meant by that.Balance Between Pursuing Holiness and Resting in Grace

Women are feeling the need to strive more than ever. — Jess Connolly

Why are we so hesitant to embrace grace? — Jess Connolly

We are meant to walk in His holiness. —Kristi Clover

  • I ask Jess to share a little about how to find the balance between grace and holiness.

It’s not 50/50 — it’s 100/100. —Jess Connolly

Stop swinging from grace to truth and just be in both. —Jess Connolly

  • We’ve all heard the statement “not of this world.” Jess shares some practical ways that we can actually live that out in our day-to-day life.
  • Jess gives tips on getting in the Word.

Try it, you’ll like it. —Jess Connolly

It’s just worth it. —Jess Connolly

Talk to Him at every point in your day. —Jess Connolly

  • Jess shares a little bit about how holiness and mission come together.

If we stop at holiness, we just are separate from everyone. —Jess Connolly

Mission means making disciples. Bringing people with you as you are on your way to meet Jesus. —Jess Connolly

  • Jess shares the “BLESS” model (I LOVE this concept!)

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Connect with Jess Connolly…

Jess Connolly is a gal who wants to leave her world more in awe of God than she found it. She’s the founder of All Good Things Collective, the co-founder of The Influence Network, and she is passionate about using her words to point women to Jesus through writing and speaking. She is the author of Dance, Stand, Run (October 2017) and the coauthor of the bestseller Wild and Free (May 2016). She and her husband planted Gospel Community, a church in Charleston, SC where they live with their four wild kids and their sweet dog.

You can check out Jess’s books HERE on Amazon! Be sure to visit her site as well at

Thank you, Rend Collective for allowing me to use your incredible song “The Joy of the Lord is My Strength”! This song has so much special meaning to me and it highlights the theme verse for my podcast — Nehemiah 8:10. Be sure to check out their music! They are such a fun band to listen to…and to see live.

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