My Daily Walk – “Love Your Enemies”

My Daily Walk – “Love Your Enemies” October 15, 2019

My Daily Walk – “Love Your Enemies”

My Daily Walk is a podcast with a Holywood personality who records a podcast when he goes for a walk. Do you hate anyone? Does anyone hate you? Well I don’t… I have people that I would call enemies, but not because I hate them.

I hate you. Hopefully not many of us have heard those words spoken or directed toward us. We’ve all nonetheless felt that sentiment. We may not have heard the words, but we felt hatred.

Good morning. On that note, that heavy note. Welcome to my daily walk. It’s about as literal a title as there ever was, I suppose, because not only am I walking every day, at least five days a week, I am living. I am walking the walk. Well, I’m attempting to walk the walk and talk the talk simultaneously. That’s what my daily walk is. Walk the walk and talk the talk simultaneously. Just an idea. So it’s going to evolve. This is the show. I did have one episode. They will be connected, they’ll be tied together, but they will stand alone. There’ll be topics on each day. But at the beginning of the day, you may review what you talked about the day before, which is probably going to be needed because this is extemporaneous.

I am speaking extemporaneously and it’s just unfolding in a certain way. I’m structuring it and ordering it. It’s going to be each day a new topic or if there’s a big topic we need to continue, like we only got through part of the discussion or I got so distracted on other tangents. For example, here’s a tangent I’m going to go on right now.

My daily walk, these tangents that I go on, it’ll be like that. I’m talking about this technical issue or where I am and I just walk past a pair of dogs that are beautiful friends or whatever, and I’ve seen them before and then, Oh there’s a person I know. I am walking live. It’s like literally, I mean I haven’t disclosed when this happened. I’m not… Contextually you may figure out a general time period.

I don’t know. I don’t know if there’s a topic… I don’t have topics that are current. Like it’s related to something that just happened in the news. I don’t know if you’d be able to identify when this was recorded, but those are different tangents that I would go on. And so back to the subject. Well, there’s a review of yesterday. Each episode will have an intro, some of that… Something to hook people and then some explain. I did try to hook intentionally at the beginning. So you get, it is extemporaneous but the topic, who hates you? Who hates you is really the name of this. Thing about extemporaneous is you don’t know what the title is going to be. You’re just going to listen, post the title later. So who hates you? It was that it? But first a review of yesterday.Love Your Enemies

Man. So it’s the Hebrews chapter 12 verse 1 I think. I didn’t look it up. I just think that’s it. It is… I know it starts with the word “since” and I didn’t use that because that ties it to chapter 11. Just the since is chapter 11 but “we are” is the beginning of a new idea and it explains why they made the chapter break there. Whoever put the chapter breaks in because this was not broken up. The original writers didn’t put numbers in and say, “Hey this is the next chapter.” They’d be writing a letter or just writing something and it’s later on somebody broke it up so that you could learn it, find it, remember it, understand it, meditating on it, whatever and see if you could apply such things to your life. Anyway.

The walk though. You talk about it, talk about what you’re doing and you’re believing something. You’re going to test it out. You’re going to walk it and talk about it. Boom. All right, I hope I didn’t lose anybody there because I could tell I may have, because I almost lost myself. I do lose my place sometimes when I’m talking. And so there is an email address. By the time you hear this there will be an email address, it’ll be So there are things, they’re still getting worked out right now, but I wanted to start recording the content. Just creating content. I don’t know how much of the backlog is going to be. We’re just going to start broadcasting it every day. I’m working on a project that’s going to unfold and I’m going to talk about that too. I’m a Hollywood guy.

Did I mention that yet yesterday? Yes. So my daily walk is about what I’m working on, in one sense, but it’s about ideas that we all have to wrestle with for the most part. And that’s the topical stuff and it’s like, hatred. Do you have enemies? Wow. Do you have any enemies? Ooh, let me finish the… You see, here’s another bad programming. I could have paused there and rephrased. That’s what writers do. They plan everything and they read a script when you’re producing a show, but this is a spontaneous show. It’s genuine. It’s honest. It’s from my heart, and it’s who I am and I’m speaking what you would call the “God’s honest truth”. The things that I’m seeing are happening in my life or are really what I believe or what I’m applying. It’s like this is what you have to apply.

If you’re going to test it out, you’re going to walk it and talk it. So my daily walk is a book inside my mind. It’s a journal, an audio journal. This is what I would be writing on a piece of paper, but I’m taking this time right now. But yesterday I wrote two sentences. Sometimes I write two pages or four pages or whatever in a journal. But yesterday I wrote two lines because I’ve been doing this already. It’s like, Oh, these are the things that I would be writing down but I am saying them out loud and letting the whole world hear it. Like, Oh, just be you. All right, so many tangents.

So the show. I almost canceled yesterday. I mean I almost was this like, Ooh, that was a bad start. I’m not going to make that episode one but I’m like, just build that into the show. Build that into the next day, next episode. Talk about it. Yeah. So that right there, what I just did, deep inhalations on a microphone that are not being edited out because that is normal life. You do walk around. Sometimes you do take deep breaths, especially when you’re talking, if you are talking a lot, which I am, obviously. Self-defined what I’m doing. And walking at the same time. So you’re getting exercise. So you need to learn how to breathe. You don’t breathe so heavily into the microphone.

Just pointed this out. There’s every frigging street, there’s somebody doing yard work. So it’s not like peaceful walk through the neighborhood. I guess that’s at night and late afternoon and this is a work day. So you go to work and it’s good. It’s good that they have jobs. But what if we had days… Oh geez, no, I’m not going to say it out loud. This will not be recorded. There we go. And those are the tangents.

So yesterday the topic was the voices in your head. I believe that’s what I named it. And just that concept, well, bit of thought. So one of the voices in your head is you and then, as a screenwriter, you would create other people as if you were a fiction writer. Right. But if you are writing history and that’s what I’m actually, the project I’m working on, I don’t want to disclose too much, but that’s part of this process. It’s like the thing that I’m working on is effecting me. It’s that same lawn mower, you just go to that side.

Voices in your head. As a screenwriter you put people in circumstances, you think you’re creating a character, but there’s a voice that comes. It’s like, Oh, and when ideas occur to you, they occur to you. That’s even how we say it, and I think that’s more literal than people think. It’s people like, Oh, I made that up. Oh wow, that was really good writing or that was really good this, really good that. But sometimes they come from conversations that you should not take credit for. It’s just truth, period. Right?

It’s not that I made up the truth. You can’t make up the truth. Why would you get credit for writing something that is just true. Should get credit for seeing clearly. That’s it. I mean, Ooh, that bird. I hope you hear that. That was a nice quiet spot before this vehicle had to drive through. The voices in your head. Are they same thing, are they even referred to? The source of those voices, is that being referred to in that verse in Hebrews?

If we’re surrounded, there’s different meanings to that word. It doesn’t mean just like things you can touch with your hands because you’re not just a physical entity. You’re not just a physical body. Well that’s the presumption. If you’re applying the Christian, well the gosh, is that the word? I don’t even understand what that word means anymore, so I don’t know. The honest interpretation of the original texts, if you want to read the text for what they actually say. No. Is there even anyone who could claim to even do that? All right, how do you, I think that’s what historians should be. It seems that the historians would be able to say, well, these are the contexts and you can speculate exactly what they mean.

I’m just talking about ancient documents and how to interpret them. Gosh, what a tangent. But the voices, that ancient document is telling you something about reality. This is what these people experience. They’re just saying, Oh, this happened. I guess. I mean is that true? You can tell from the text, not because it shouldn’t judge it on the spectacular thing. Oh, it says this thing happened and sometimes there were some spectacular things that happened and sometimes you’re just misunderstanding what they’re saying in many cases.

So I get to laughing sometimes and people are like, why is he laughing? Maybe it’s because there are thoughts in his head that he is not sure he should say. I haven’t. I’m self-editing. There’s things that I can’t say. So sometimes there’ll be these series of where I lose my train of thought. If you’re writing it down, it’d be like, Oh, these aren’t complete sentences. He’s not connecting to the thought from before. There were thoughts going through my head that I’m editing out and you’re just hearing babble and fill. It doesn’t seem to make much sense.

That’s something I wanted to address because if they listened back, I’m trying to recognize, okay, this may be interesting. This may get people lost. And this may make people think you’re crazy. You’re just mumbling and not in control of your faculties, whatever, but it’s called self-editing and I don’t know, you call it art. This guy’s just letting his lips run no matter if it makes sense or not. Yep. Extemporaneous as I’m self-editing, like you have to have two voices, right? Maybe you’re thinking one thing and saying another. That’s like a conversation and there’s always pauses and you have verbal reactions to things that you can’t say out loud.

I don’t know if anybody can analyze, psychoanalyze or just analyze the logic of what I was just saying. That’s what’s fun about this because I’m talking, I’m speaking words that most people can understand and then I go off into tangents that maybe they get really esoteric. You go to a different place where I don’t know if people will hear it and understand it and identify with it. Voices in your head will recur. This is day two, I thought I was going to explain it more. I don’t think I did. I just think I made it worse. I confused it more, but so I better spend at least half a week. Is it still possible? No, I’m 20 minutes in. Hate.

Do you hate anyone? Does anyone hate you? Well I don’t… I have people that I would call enemies, but not because I hate them. People I would call enemies, not because I hate them, they reacted to me. So that is what I want to talk. I wanted to tell a story when I was in college, should have teased that earlier. When I was in college, I got into a prank battle and it just happened and it was me and I don’t know who it was. I think I just randomly picked this guy. I don’t know. I don’t know how it happened. Did I pitch him? Maybe. I don’t know what happened. So they got in a conversation, somebody, Oh, maybe that was it. Somebody persuaded me. Somebody just dropped an idea in my head and I acted on it. It turned into a prank battle. Hey, you should do this to that guy.

And it was a guy that I liked. Right? And you just hide his what? His shaving cream. I don’t know. Some dumb thing. I don’t remember how it started in the dorm and man. Well, I don’t think I targeted one person. It was like a group of guys pranking another group of guys, like two different dorms. That was what it was, yeah. All right. It wasn’t me. Okay. I’m just trying to remember how this happened. It had already started. People were pranking each other and I got in on it. That’s right. Well, remembering this spontaneously, I can write it down more clearly later on. So we got in this prank war and they hit back at me at an inopportune time. It was like, Whoa. I was going through some serious stuff in my life. I remember that, coming back to my room, everything was gone. Just like doorknob, Vaseline and you’re like, Whoa, I just needed to go hide in a hole and now I’ve nothing to hide, no where to hide. Except this. I don’t know where my stuff is. It’s late at night.

And I was like, Oh man, I just got targeted literally at the worst… There’s no way they could’ve known what I was going through at that time. It was like, Whoa. And then I found out that this one guy didn’t like me, this guy that I liked, he was on the other side. I’m like, Oh, this is just a fun prank war back and forth. But they got to target someone and they targeted me. But most of them were, Oh no, it was good fun, huh? We got you. And it was like, no, no, you don’t realize what just happened. It was traumatic for me. But I’ve been through plenty of trauma. So I was like, I realized pranking can really… If I hadn’t been okay. If I’d really been… I went through something serious, but it wasn’t bad, it was a good thing.

It’s like, Oh my, get my act together. And I just went through something difficult and I just needed a place to process. And so what hurt me the most after that, I got my just desserts for getting into the prank war. But when I realized that guy didn’t like me, I was so stunned is the only way to describe it. Like, Whoa, I like that guy and he doesn’t like me. And I talked to him. He said, he didn’t want to talk to me. It was like I forced, he just didn’t like something about me and I was never going to know what it was. I was never going to find out. And so I don’t know if he hated me. I don’t know what he saw in me. Maybe my temperament was just too over the top for him. And that’s usually the case.

That’s usually why I get embarrassed. I embarrass myself or I get singled out. I was like just enjoying myself, get loud and say insane things and now I’m recording it so I don’t feel any animosity toward anyone else. I have a couple people that just, we’re in circumstances and I had to make decisions and they were, they perceived that they were ill-effected by my decisions, but I was just making decisions based on decisions that they had made. Gosh, that is really… They made decisions and I was looking at circumstances, I said, that’s the wrong decision. This is the right decision. And so I made a decision that countered their decision. And that guy, I just thought the next day there was something happening and he wanted to do one way. I said, go do it this way. And the next day I had to disassociate with him. It was because basically, because I countered his decision. He held it against me. He couldn’t see that he had already made decisions.

So that guy today, I’m like his worst story. He, I don’t know, he may have forgiven me, but it’s been a while. And so I came to a place where I was like, wait, there’s this guy that did me wrong also. So that guy I would have, for a while, I considered him an enemy or whatever and I had revenge fantasies. Oh gosh, I’m glad this went in this direction toward the end because there’s a lot of nonsensical stuff that just happened on this walk. And that’s part of the last 20 minutes of talking, just meandering thoughts, extemporaneous, not being able to stay on subject. But I got back to it. I’m glad I went in this direction. So there was a guy that had done me wrong. I felt just, I was like, Whoa, I didn’t see that coming.

Why did you do that? I thought we were friends. I thought we were friends and he would just, Ooh. And I could have, well I did. I had revenge fantasies. About what if I’ve gotten to a position where I could mess with him without him knowing it was me. Right. The revenge fantasy. Devised a scheme. I wouldn’t get so-and-so to call him in and you know, it was a revenge fantasy thing. But I realized, wait, what good is that? That guy was just living his life and he, I don’t know what happened, I don’t know why he targeted me. Maybe somebody fed him misinformation about me. That’s probably it. I don’t know who was talking to him about me. He heard me. Yeah. All right.

I got to get back to this topic in this recording. Stand in one spot, one of the best places, nice and quiet. I realized that he made decisions based on false information. That’s what I would say. He made decision based on false information, not his fault and the only fault in it is he never really was able to articulate it to me. I don’t know. He just believed this stuff, I guess. Anyway. I got to a point I was like, wait, I would hire that guy. If I were a boss, if I needed his skills. If he was the best person for the job or not even the best person, but the right person. If he were the right person, I would gladly, happily. I came to this place where I guess I forgave him. It must be what the process was because I have no ill feelings toward him right now.

I don’t. And even so, the guy that thinks that I wronged him by making a counter decision, those people are important people in my life. They helped me in ways that I wouldn’t be the person I am today without them. Literally. So love your enemies. Oh, that’s it. That was when I made the list of topics. That was it. Love your enemies. Day two. And I know why. It was just like something I heard. Where is that? Does anybody know? Email me whenever. I’ll have it in the description and the email address will be in the description. So just reach out to me. If you want me to continue talking about this topic, I will.

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