Brad Stine Has Issues: Pro-Life VS Pro-Choice: The Left’s Clever Word Game

Brad Stine Has Issues: Pro-Life VS Pro-Choice: The Left’s Clever Word Game December 2, 2020

Pro-Life VS Pro-Choice: The Left’s Clever Word Game

Let’s talk about abortion, the government, women’s rights, and the clever word game behind “pro-choice”…

Welcome to the New America. Dubbed ‘God’s Comic’ by the New Yorker, for 16-years, Brad Stine has been the comedic trailblazer of politically incorrect, Christian and Conservative comedy. His new show, ‘Brad Stine Has Issues’, covers cultural issues with his signature brand of comedic sarcasm and satire with insight that will be appreciated by everyone who loves laughter, liberty, and the freedom to tell the truth without fear.

Today we are going to keep it light and discuss if we indeed have a right as a society to kill a baby? The good news is if your pro-choice you can choose not to watch!

Pro-Life VS Pro-Choice: The Left'sIf we were to distinguish between what would make up the top 3 most divisive areas in America between competing worldviews this one would be right in there jockeying for position. I’m of course talking about abortion. It is so divisive that it even distinguishes between how each adherent is labeled! It isn’t I am pro-abortion and I am anti-abortion, but instead we are actually categorized as I am pro-life, which by that term alone would logically seem to include everyone, and I am pro-choice which again would seem to be the choice of anyone with a brain cell. As a matter of fact if you were to evaluate which of these terms would seem to resonate with the very nature of the American DNA it would be the protection of my choice. I mean choice is basically what is essentially described in the 1st amendment in regards to protection of religious liberties. As I have discussed in other episodes the first line of the first amendment is literally the most important guaranteed right in America because it constitutes your freedom of conscience. It references your religion but religion can be broadly interpreted to mean whatever you hold most sacred and what it is that drives your behavior and your principles. The constitution guarantees my right to choose to believe and behave however I choose whether you agree with me, like my choice or even hate it but guess what? Too bad, welcome to true liberty. On the other hand though is the term pro-life. This phrase doesn’t need to imply its connection to the constitution because it is literally enshrined there. We find these truths to be self evident,  that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights amongst which are LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The reason abortion is in a unique category when it comes to our rights though is because it is the one and only right demanded by a segment of Americans that literally, if implemented, causes another American to have to pay with their lives the choice of another American w/o any recourse to objecting or even to be protected and advocated for with legal counsel. Ironically, every debate about abortion has one thing in common, it is always debated between humans that weren’t aborted. You have to get out of the womb before you are able to consider if people still in the womb are actually people at all. Of course the other criteria is that you have reached a point of a developed, mature educated mind that gives you the ability to be able to debate the abortion question anyways. Remember every advocate for abortion was given the dignity of life so as to have the opportunity to safely grow up as a human to eventually reach a place of cognizance in which inductive and deductive reason and logic could be implemented. We don’t for example ever say that since you are only 6 years old and can’t effectively debate the abortion issue with a professor of law we should then have the right to not only ignore you but we might just kill you since you don’t measure up to the rest of us intellectually. No, humans have always realized that humans start their lives at the beginning and stop their lives at the end. Each moment is equally important and is just the phase of life they happen to be at the moment. We have honored that idea of gradations of human development up until we decided that abortion was necessary if a woman was going to be able to be equally free to shirk her moral and civic duties as a parent and human as men have throughout the centuries. In other word’s abortion allows woman to behave like jackasses exactly like the guys. There’s equality for ya folks! One of the unusual phrases I hear from pro-abortion folks is the phrase “No one is pro-abortion”. They believe abortion should be legal they believe abortion should be accessible they believe anyone that has an abortion shouldn’t feel bad about it or feel shame and they don’t want the government stepping in and telling a woman that she can’t have an abortion. All this, they say while not being pro-abortion. Kinda like buying the merchandise, the t-shirts and the hats of a sports team to wear around but you’re not a fan. You’re sending mixed signals I’m afraid. I don’t know if there is an issue in America that causes otherwise normal, nice people to literally lose their mind when it comes to inconsistency in behaving in a moral way? The amount of hoops jumped through, the amount of linguistic gymnastics required to somehow justify peoples position for abortion w/o acknowledging what abortion does to another human being is staggering. But there’s a good reason for that. It’s because any normal person knows that it is a babies life at stake that forces them to live in a world of denial in order to survive their conscience’s annoying habit of reminding them that babies actually prefer to be left in tact until they get to come on out here and join in all the fun. Normally when it comes to abortion the typical tactic is to find another cause to champion and then kinda include abortion as an afterthought. For example people will say I don’t want the government to tell me what I can do with my body. If you ever hear someone use that phrase I will bet you a thousand dollars they do on the other hand want the government to tell me when I must wear a mask in public. How much fossil fuels I can burn with my body in a vehicle, how important it is for the government to forbid my body from using plastic straws, what size beverage I’m allowed to drink and  for God’s sake will the government please make everyone aware that I can use any bathroom I choose based on how I’m identifying that day! Yes it is crucial that the government tells me everything I can and cannot do with my body unless it involves a babies body. That is where I draw the line to when the government can intervene Oh, unless the government want’s to tell people they must allow my body to get an abortion, you can and must step in there, just not the other way around. The hard truth that Americans have all reached since Roe v Wade and the advancement of science with sonograms and understanding genetics is that every human in history at the moment of conception was fully human. A human that contained every chromosome and genetic trait to become a fully functional adult human was there from day one. All those of us on the pro-life side of the aisle is asking is to at least be intellectually honest with that reality. You still might think killing a baby is a woman’s right, but at least the debate is being had with this fundamental idea at the forefront. When does a human being have the right to kill another one. Not a comfortable conversation to have is it. Guess what, it shouldn’t be.

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