Brad Stine Has Issues: Dealing with Social Media HATE!

Brad Stine Has Issues: Dealing with Social Media HATE! January 13, 2021

Dealing with Social Media HATE!

Let’s talk about the crazy world we live in and how to deal with social media “hate”…

Welcome to the New America. Dubbed ‘God’s Comic’ by the New Yorker, for 16-years, Brad Stine has been the comedic trailblazer of politically incorrect, Christian and Conservative comedy. His new show, ‘Brad Stine Has Issues’, covers cultural issues with his signature brand of comedic sarcasm and satire with insight that will be appreciated by everyone who loves laughter, liberty, and the freedom to tell the truth without fear.

Hey guys, don’t you hate getting on social media only to find haters waiting to hate on you because you are so hateful. Stick around I’d hate for you to miss this!

Dealing with Social Media HATE!Have you ever noticed that oftentimes when you are on social media and voice your opinion or even agree with someone else’s, it often leads to people attacking your character, maligning your intentions and slandering your reputation?

If you haven’t noticed this then you need to head to a professional psychiatrist and have yourself examined for the inability to observe objectively the world you inhabit. The one reality we have all come to understand is that social media went from a fun way to share recipes and tell friends where the next garage sale was to instead dropping your iron fist on everyone you deem unworthy of human decency. That human is easy to locate because they always have one trait that is inexcusable in today’s woke society. They had the audacity and the temerity to disagree with your expertise. Notice that everyone that has an opinion on social media are not just right, but are experts in every cultural nuance from racism, to transgenderism. From a doctorate level understanding of feminine studies and climate change. You see the problem with all of us is once we have formed our opinion it often goes from the category of subjectivity to the sacred status of one of the ten commandments hadn’t God beat us to it. Remember that whether you like it or not everyone is religious. Any idea or perspective that is most important to you and drives your way of engaging the world is your religion. We are designed to know God, the creator of meaning and thus if we abandon Him, we will always fill the void with an idol we will worship. Make no mistake about it, cultural Marxism or political correctness is the religion of the left. That is why if you deviate from its commandments you will face the repercussions of your fall from grace from the self appointed cultural elite who command you to obey. The state has simply taken the place of God. The God the left doesn’t believe in BTW. But if you have the temerity to believe in God then they feel obligated to callously mock Him for his unbending demand that you obey His every dictate like some overbearing ogre looking to destroy you the moment you deviate from the orthodoxy. One of the reasons the left hates God is because they don’t want anyone telling them how to live. No, they save the right to demand human obedience for themselves…. to impose on everyone else.  Interestingly the same people who demand people into sensitivity training to force you to think and behave on issues against your will, suddenly are insulted if God demands they adhere to the rules He created. One of the truths that people of faith adhere to is not only does God have the right to make the rules, he is keeping tabs on everything we do. That at the end of our lives there is literally a playback of everything we have ever done good or bad. There is this home movie of our entire existence on earth and suddenly everything becomes revealed in one fell swoop. You actually get to observe your entire life for the first time not from a linear perspective but from a God’s eye view, beginning to end in one pass. The good news for Christ followers of course is all of the bad decisions and behaviors have been paid for already by the God man who is Christ. Sure we will be broken and humbled by what we did and didn’t do, but that is where Christ’s grace and mercy will most shine through as we are ushered into eternity in the presence of the living God who loved us so much as to pay the price for our redemption. But I started this discussion referencing social media because in a weird way that can be a bit of a precursor to what we will experience on judgement day. When we post something on social media, whether it is a text or a video or a comment, it seems we often forget that it rests there for eternity for all intents and purposes. Once recorded and put into the atmosphere of information it will never go away. You can erase it sometimes but not before someone has screenshot it, and saved it, and sent it out to the masses. Yet we continue to think of this world as anonymous. That for some reason it seems to bring out the worst of us. You see when we used to have to face our nemesis in the flesh there was a certain amount of discretion and decorum that was expected of us. It was once called civility. Not to mention it was a safer way to engage since when faced with a flesh and blood human there is much more at stake. Social media has become the ironman suit of the coward. We could suddenly insult, malign and threaten anyone we chose without concern of physical retribution. There are many who have nurtured and cherished this power and we even gave them a moniker. The troll. That is why when people try to engage me on a thread commenting on my latest episode or comedy bit, there are certain perimeters I demand. I believe that someone has to start the ball rolling if we have a chance to return to some standard of polite howbeit heated dialogue. My hope is these not only allow you your freedom of speech but actually teach us ways to not hate each other along the way. 1) information not insults. If you want to explore your position feel free. That makes for interesting dialogue and hopefully stimulating conversation. But if instead you simply name call, diminish other’s perspectives and attack, malign and insult then you will more than likely be removed. I am not interested in conflict as entertainment. I’m interested in moving the conversation along. 2) I expect you to have your own thoughts. If you simply come on posting a link from someone to essentially do the work for you I’m not interested. Copy and paste does not an argument make. 3) If someone answers your statement with a rebuttal you need to address that. Not going off on a rabbit hole or change the subject, just answer the refutation even if your answer is “I don’t know I’ll have to look into that.” That’s honest and humble. Each one of us is responsible for our actions. Let’s be remembered as the ones who took the high road, who sought clarity and truth but always left their opponent their respect and dignity. I realize it will most likely not be returned to you but you won’t have to answer for how others treated you, you will have to answer for how you answered others!

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