The Yard: Nick Hundley, Former MLB Catcher and Current Senior Director of On Field Operations

The Yard: Nick Hundley, Former MLB Catcher and Current Senior Director of On Field Operations February 8, 2021

Nick Hundley, Former MLB Catcher and Current Senior Director of On Field Operations

The former Major League backstop shares how faith and sports collide in his life.

Former MLB Catcher and current Senior Director of On Field Operations for MLB Nick Hundley discusses the change up from wanting to be world famous to simply being famous under his own roof. Plus, he updates us on what’s going on with Consider the Lily – the organization responsible for saving girls from abuse and prostitution in the Philippines.

How faith and sports have collided in Nick’s  life:
  • Nick HundleyLife after retirement has been a wild ride in the Hundley family.
  • Nick was very fortunate to have a long career playing professional baseball, but it also prohibited him from spending a lot of time around the house with his wife and daughters.
  • Now, with him no longer on the road and with the girls at home due to COVID restrictions, he and his wife have had to have some tough conversations in order to come up with workable, God honoring systems within their family.
  • Nick has worked hard to keep a healthy perspective, knowing that his identity has never been as a professional ballplayer, but as a follower of Christ, husband and father.
  • Nick’s goal is not to be globally famous, but famous within his own house.
  • Nick knows that he is important ONLY because God loves him… and the same goes for everyone else, too.
  • Previously, Nick wasted too much time trying to build his own “kingdom” and it was never fulfilling. Today, he’s doing the most fulfilling thing ever – working to build God’s kingdom!
  • Some real-world difficulties Nick and his wife faced after retirement included having him home 24/7, controlling the pace of life for the whole family as opposed to Nick moving alone, parenting as a team from minute to minute, homeschooling, and taking “sabbath” time to simply slow down.
  • By cementing their marriage and household under God’s will, it has made trials and stressful moments actually easier, even the news that their seven-year-old daughter has Type 1 Diabetes.
  • Nick and his family know that God doesn’t make mistakes and we are all created in His image, so even things like childhood diabetes can be used to point people to Jesus!
  • Nick’s new position with Major League Baseball is the Senior Director of On Field Operations.
  • One of his top priorities is to expand the game to new young players – the game has simply become too expensive and out of reach for many kids. Nick wants to find solutions to that.
  • Also, today’s MLB game is longer than ever with fewer balls in play, which is not healthy for the game… so, dealing with “The Shift” is on the table! (much to Jefferson’s delight).
  • Nick remains very involved with Consider the Lily and their fight against human trafficking in the Phillipines.
  • Please join Nick and Consider the Lily to help not only save young girls from terrible situations, but also help them prosecute those who abused them, and learn new boldness and life skills, as they discover not only redemption in this world, but in God’s kingdom as well.
Nick’s Favorite Scripture:

May the favor of the Lord rest upon us;

    establish the work of our hands for us—

    yes, establish the work of our hands. (Psalm 90:17)

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