The Yard: Todd Durkin, Author, Trainer to the Stars, Mentor and Coach

The Yard: Todd Durkin, Author, Trainer to the Stars, Mentor and Coach March 9, 2021

Todd Durkin, Author, Trainer to the Stars, Mentor and Coach

Host Marlon Gardinera sits down with “Trainer to the Stars”, Todd Durkin and talks about how faith and sports have continuously collided throughout his life as an athlete, trainer, author, speaker, coach and dad.

How faith and sports have collided in Todd’s  life:
  • The Yard: Todd Durkin
    Todd Durkin, Author, Trainer to the Stars, Mentor and Coach

    Todd opened his gym, Fitness Quest 10 in 2000, and has been striving to impact lives all along.

  • Todd always loved football and even had professional dreams when he was much younger. However, he got “distracted” by his business, and set aside his quarterback training dreams for a bit… until his son started playing Pop Warner.
  • Instead of sitting in his lawn chair at his son’s first practice with Marlon Gardinera, Todd was moved off the practice sideline and into the role of quarterbacks coach.
  • On his business side of life, Todd has been working with LaDainian Tomlinson since L.T.’s playing days with the Chargers.
  • After working with Todd for three months, L.T. introduced Todd to his quarterback, Drew Brees and they continue to work together today, over a decade later.
  • Todd’s passion for life seems to come from God.
  • Even after blowing out his back with three herniated discs while playing in the World Football league at the age of 25, he has since realized that God put a new dream in him that follows God’s plans for Todd’s life instead of his own.
  • Todd’s passion is fueled by his faith in God’s plans for his life.
  • Just as the Bible says in Proverbs, who you surround yourself with will determine how successful you will be… iron does, indeed, sharpen iron!
  • As a coach and trainer, Todd is constantly looking for ways to continue to motivate people who have seen the peak of their own plans.
  • Aligning passion and purpose is key.
  • Todd’s third book, “Get Your Mind Right” owes its success all the way back to Todd’s dad teaching him how to write as a boy.
  • Get Your Mind Right’s release was delayed by several months. It was interesting to see how God coordinated one “hurdle” after another to land his encouraging book in the middle of 2020’s pandemic.
  • Also during the pandemic, Todd went online live at noon daily with The Good News Network. He thought it would last two weeks, but it actually lasted 90 days. He just showed up and kept showing up.
  • There are days when we we all don’t feel like “showing up”, but if we make it a habit to show up even when we don’t feel like it, great things will come!
  • Todd’s own show, The Todd Durkin IMPACT Show is an incredibly inspiring podcast – check it out!
  • A “brand” becomes a BRAND when you live it out. Todd’s brand is: IMPACT.
  • IMPACT is an acronym for:
    • Inspired living
    • Master your craft
    • Play at world class
    • Action… take it!
    • Condition for greatness
    • Tenacity… be tenacious!
  • Across the span of Todd’s life, he has learned to live fearlessly, led by his faith in God and God’s plans.
  • The death of Todd’s dad actually helped solidify his relationship with God as he questioned God’s plans and God answered.
Todd’s Favorite Scripture:

As iron sharpens iron,

so one person sharpens another. (Proverbs 27:17)

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