We Meant Well: The Millions Dead Were an Excess of Enthusiasm

We Meant Well: The Millions Dead Were an Excess of Enthusiasm November 7, 2017

Killing Us for 100 Years and Counting
Killing Us for 100 Years and Counting

Not much is better than our nearly universal loathing of Nazis.

Christians are not able to go the full Indy and say: “Nazis, I hate these guys”, but we are dead set against the ideology. Nazis, I hate those ideas.

Atheism combined with Marxism was and is a different kind of horrible. It did not target one particular group for destruction (as the Nazis did with the Jewish people), but went to war with anyone who stood in the way of a scientific, rational, Utopia. 

Lying liars who lie will often claim that the Soviet Union was religious (apparently bad atheists are religious!) even though to the end, the one thing you could not be was a theist to reach the top levels of power. Question Karl Marx? Lenin did and so could you. Experiment with a new economic program that would allow some free market ideas? Lenin again. Be a nun that wanted to help the poor? She must be thrown down a mineshaft and grenaded. When Hitler had Stalin against a wall, ready to shoot, one bloody tyrant against another, Stalin did relax controls on religion, but as soon as the War was won, the gulags came back and the monstrous atheists were back at work.

In the 1970’s the atheist regime may have lacked confidence in its economic policy, but it decided that the old time irreligion needed more effort. These same kind of people govern a super power today, but as was done with Stalin, we overlook the persecution of the religious, because the rhetoric of the atheistic Chinese regime is so scientific, modern, and sounds so much like stuff some of us say.

Educated Americans fear a Handmaiden’s Tale in an era when the leader of the moral party is Donald Trump. The world’s largest nation is not a theocracy, but a regime that just doubled down on atheism to try to stop the growth of religion. There are theocracies today, and they are bad, but the blood soaked atheist regimes in North Korea and China actually matter in terms of global power.

China, in the grip of the atheist delusion, will let anything go from the Maoist past, but not the atheism. Hong Kong may not look much like the Cultural Revolution, but this generation of scientific, rational, thinkers will not give up on atheism. The labor camps keep going.

Meanwhile, American atheists worry about Christian kids’ clubs in American public schools! Any atrocity committed in the name of Christ, in any century, is shown to us and we are asked to denounce it, but continued murder for one hundred years and counting is often argued to be religious.


“They are not like us,” we are told by our own American atheists, though they use the same agitprop down to the words to advance the demonization of religious people. The next time an American atheist tells you that religion is a psychological disorder, point out that our own APA, no bastion of fundamentalism, disagrees, but that atheistic regimes are sending people to labor camps as a result of this lie. When? Only for the last one hundred years . . . And counting.

Today marks the anniversary of a bloody debacle in human history that made a good many tractors, but at the cost of millions of lives. Because the perpetrators of this infamy talked of good intentions, waved about their rationality, and claimed to love science, they get a pass or excuses in our faux-intellectual establishment.

Let’s be plain: if a writer defends the Bolshevik revolution, or soft soaps the nightmare of the Gulag (concentration camps) or cannot condemn the atheist Red Terror, he is defending the murder of at least sixty-five million innocents. Nothing the Nazis did that was “postitive” is worth mentioning, because the regime was so vile. Lenin, Stalin, and every leader of the Soviet Union was a mass murderer and an atheist. *

If a person cannot say this plainly, do not trust that writer.

And of course, “not all atheists,” just the atheists who have gained power in a nation and governed as atheists.

Nothing much is worse than our inability to say the murderous combination of atheism and power was and is evil.


*There exists a heroic band of Western atheists, a minority at the time, that stood against Stalin. Sadly, most did not. They thought of him as a future that worked. We are right to condemn Lindbergh and others for playing footsie with the Nazis. Being Stalin’s stooge was a different kind of evil, but still evil and much of American secularism was soft on Stalin. The reckoning still waits.

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