To Dream is Hopeful, to Do Divine

To Dream is Hopeful, to Do Divine December 13, 2019

God never dreams, He is all do.

Humans, created in God’s image, begin in hope, grow in faith, act and so create. Hope suggests what desires might be good. Faith gives hope rational and experiential substance and when we act in this rational faith, inspired by God’s empowering love, we create something wonderful and new.

At least some of the problems of our time come from the passage of the revolutionary, progressive, excited generation that believes to the managers, administrators, time servers, wage earners who wish only to maintain.

God help us.

Instead, we must always (in our own lives, jobs, ministries, marriages) accede to a vision that changes. This is not a change in the great, deep, enduring arches that lie under the cosmos. These truths, this beauty, all goodness endure eternally. The conservative (as I hope to be) joyfully clings to the adamant foundation of reality. We also playfully, happily, wonder about the joyful unknowable, mysterious interaction with persons and the cosmos.

We should, I think, have no patience with people who will do nothing, but dream impossible dreams. If it is impossible, stop. We should move past those who quibble with those who do their best, but themselves will risk nothing. Instead, we should do and support those who also act. 

God does not help those who help themselves. We cannot help ourselves, given our ignorance, fragility, and lack of longevity! Instead, God helps those who find the flow of His divine plan and ask for divine Mercy. Love God and do. Love will power us toward the Beloved and so much will be created.

As for the petty administrator, however well paid, the binder bound, let the imaginatively dead bury the dead institutions.

Once, a bit ago, a group of us found ourselves adrift and my mom said: “The adventure begins.” This was a good Word, because we ceased to look at the past, good and bad, and took joy as our guide. We had good experiences in good places in the past. What if we kept going and did something new?

We could dream of no debt for college, a community of learners where everyone from kindergarten through college were educated together. What if we aspired for every one of us, all God’s children, to be teachers? We had hope, others joined us, patrons blessed us, we worked joyfully and hard, and God did much good. 

Like God, we decided not to dream, but in imitation of Christ to do. Why not? What did we have to lose? Pity any man with too much to lose, the prison of the world.

Imagine a choir singing that reaches from kindergarten through college, no administrators, no debt, just joy. Watch and then join us as we do:


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