Whit Had Great Value to God (Thoughts from Dad)

Whit Had Great Value to God (Thoughts from Dad) July 31, 2020

When stuck in life, a basic policy has been: “ask Dad, he knows.”  He told a story the other day that needs sharing. It reminded me of some home truths. I hope it does the same for you.

I had a great uncle whose nickname was ‘Whit’. When he was young, he had something wrong with his eyes. The country doctor treated him, but he was left with poor vision. His brother gave him a home and he earned his living helping with the farm work. He grew old and his health began to fail so that he needed a serious operation. Two of his nephews were with him on the day of surgery. One of his nephews, who really did care for him, said, ‘Old Whit’s life isn’t worth much, is it?’

Another nephew said, ‘It’s worth a lot to Whit!’ I have never forgotten that story.

Our Declaration of Independence says that ‘we have a right to life….’

We must not judge who has a right to live by how profitable they are to society. Whit made a rather small contribution to society. I did enjoy his playing of the accordion! He could sure play FISHER’S HORNPIPE!

As he got older, he really became a “burden” to society. He might be one that some today would say, “he is old and a burden, so why operate? Why not just let him die?”

Whit did have the operation and lived several more years. He had a right to live. He wanted to live! He had some enjoyment in those later years. Life was a gift of God.

We live in an age that values life less and less. Let us value the great gift and mystery of life from the moment of conception to a natural death. And may we so live this life, so that when it ends, we rest in the arms of God.

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