Other Voices: One Election Perspective from Dr. Holloway- “Election of the Parasites” (Other Points of View to Follow)

Other Voices: One Election Perspective from Dr. Holloway- “Election of the Parasites” (Other Points of View to Follow) September 14, 2020

My job precludes any public endorsement for President. There is (and has) been so much good work to do, that I have not had as much time to study the candidates and issues as in the past. After 2016 my days in talk radio ended. I still get asked about the race and occasionally give updates from the perspective of people I know. As the vote comes closer, here is one perspective. I will be publishing other points of view over the weeks to come. Hopefully, these thoughtful people will help all of us make an informed choice.

Publication of any of these pieces does not reflect my own opinion- except the opinion that these are younger smart voices with  interesting ideas. 

Dr. Eric Holloway has a great texts degree, a MSc in Computer Science at the Air Force Institute of Technology and a PhD in Computer Engineering at Baylor University. Dr. Holloway has written for Eidos before now and here he argues for finding a candidate outside the major parties.

Election of the Parasites
Eric Holloway

The 2020 election season is cracking up to be quite an apocalyptic
event, with both Republicans and Democrats seeing an existential
threat in which candidate is elected.

The issue of life stands at the crux of both campaigns. Trump’s
evangelical vote largely riding on his appeal to the pro-life crowd,
and the Democrat opposition obliviously insisting abortion is
paramount to women’s autonomy.

But is the right to life really central to Trump’s appeal? What
exactly has Trump done to save the lives of the unborn in his first
term? Gorsuch’s June ruling in favor of LGBTQ civil rights casts a
big shadow over the promise of Trump’s appointees. Otherwise, Trump
has made a show defunding of Planned Parenthood, upholding of the Hyde
amendment, and making a very noncommittal speech at the 2020 March for
Life. None of these make a substantial difference in the cause for
life. They are merely show pieces to prove Trump’s pro-life
bonafides. As to be expected by a man who put his name on a
ghostwritten book “The Art of the Deal” about how to fool people until
you get what you want. Trump is not really a pro-life candidate in
any meaningful sense.

I get the sense that Trump supporters realize the swindle. Online, I
see constant rationalization of Trump’s behavior, even making up
stories that Trump has a secretly virtuous life, hidden away from the
public camera. Others justify themselves by the inevitability of
Trump. A recent op-ed by a prominent pro-life leader damns Trump with
faint praise.

Trump’s real appeal is not his support for conservative principles,
but that for once we have the bully boy on our team. We are sick of
always being on the receiving end of mockery, and it feels great to be
on the side delivering the punches, even if it is just on Twitter.

Being the bully and making a farce of the pro-life movement cannot have my vote.

I toyed with voting for Biden/Harris, an incompetent pro-abortion
president will shatter the pro-life political illusion. Harris can
give us millenials a taste of the communism we so greatly desire, like
making a kid smoke packs of cigarettes until he vomits.

However, we cannot toy with life, and even an incompetent evil can
still do great evil indeed.

So, as trust fund brats burn down the neighborhoods of our poorest, we

quiver in the face of pandemic that kills less people than smoking,
while thousands of unborn face real existential threats every day, we
are only given the choice between an empty showman and zombified evil.
I do not really have a choice.

I must cast my vote for a president who is true to life, even if she
cannot win in November. As someone has said: scandal must come, but
woe to them through whom it comes!

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