Necessarily Uncertain

Necessarily Uncertain March 11, 2021


The just will live by faith.

Faith means we must be reasonable even when uncertain, we need substantial hope not just fantasy. We reject cockiness: we do not yet see. If I too cock-sure, then I have missed the Divine Word. This shadowland is full of mysteries.

Whenever I read something that is hard, I look first for what is good, true, and beautiful. Sometimes I may think that something is wrong, badly argued, but the best response is to pause, listen, and consider why a smart person would say such a thing. More often than not ,if I am sure in my own righteousness, then I am wrong. I have missed something.

I must pause. Think about it. Learn.

My arrogance in assuming my own perspective is right chokes my growth. This not because I am wrong, but because I am overconfident in my knowledge. One can be correct, but still a jerk.

Once in a class with a very great teacher, I pressed an idea. The teacher resonated with my pain and responded gently. I missed every emotional nuance and only focussed on my “intellectual” point. He gently parried. I kept going until I realized that I was being an ass. Mayhap I should learn first, examine myself, and then press forward.

What are my assumptions? What are my blindspots? How are my arguments, my sureties, underdetermined by the evidence?

The just will live by faith, not by memorized sureties. We cannot pretend to greater certainty than we have. When I quickly assume what I cannot assume, then

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