Invincible Love

Invincible Love June 30, 2021

Speak the word of hope.

Words in the mouth of God create the reality in which we live. We are ideas made incarnate by the Word, the stuff that a Divine Will makes.

Our own words are like and not like those given to us by our Father. They can create. We can consent to reality or we can defy the truth. We can make what will be joyful or mournful for other humans. What we cannot do is change the pattern of history: we cannot defeat the ultimate will of God.

The good news is the nature of that will!

What we cannot do with our words is defeat the invincible love of God. We can reject that love for ourselves, but God will love us enough to allow this bad decision. If we wish to eat pig food, we can proclaim pig food our food and eat. The flavor will not really improve, but we might ignore that for a time.

God will continue to love us, sustain us, and keep trying to help us. Nothing can shake the love of God, because that love is grounded in God’s nature. God loves Himself. How not? God is perfectly good, knows all the truth knowable, and is splendid in beauty. God in three persons is delighted in the endless delights of divinity. 

Father God created us to share in that love to the height of our capacity. From the start of history, God created a beloved community, His church, that anyone can join. We can come as we are to become what we always should have been.

Our positive confession is not wizardry: we cannot do self-serving tricks. The power of our positive thinking may be good for us, but only to a point. Stalin could not be wished away with naive words. The tyrant was the product of his own bad choices and the institutional injustice chosen daily by millions of Russians. We cannot ultimately defeat death, no matter how much we bargain, yet there is hope.

Death is inevitable, but love is invincible.

Death, as death is now, came to us through sin. We must die, but death is not the end of us. The all powerful Father will not let any good, beauty, or truth be lost. Instead, all is renewed, redeemed, and rebuilt. God’s love turns death to new life: glorification! No scheme, plan, grift, or devil can stop love from triumphing.

There is a speakable word that could be in the  mouth of any one of us. If we turn godward and say: “Let it be done unto me according to your Word.”, then we see the Divine Kingdom. What was there, but invisible to us, because a place where we can live, move, and die gloriously. At the moment of our death, we finally see fully. Our word gave consent ot the invincible love of God to save us from our piggish lives.

Nothing can keep that love from finding and saving us in safety for all time.

Hope is sensible in the light of invincible love.


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