Celebrating Theology Faculty from the University of Nottingham: Mary Cunningham

Celebrating Theology Faculty from the University of Nottingham: Mary Cunningham May 29, 2013

marycunninghamDear Friends and Family,

Today I want to tell you a bit about my other supervisor, Dr Mary Cunningham. Mary is a lecturer in Church History here at the University of Nottingham, teaching classes on general church history, asceticism, Mary the Mother of God, and more. Her primary foci are Byzantine History (she is a member of the Eastern Orthodox Church) and Mary the Mother of God. (It should also be noted that Mary is not related to one of our other faculty members, Dr Conor Cunningham.)

Mary did her undergraduate studies at Harvard University in Comparative Religion, focusing primarily on Byzantine theology and Medieval Greek. She then went on to do her Master’s and PhD at the University of Birmingham in the UK.


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The Council of Florence with Tom O’Loughlin and Mary Cunningham

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15th August The Feast Day of Mary

I hope you’ve enjoyed Mary’s videos and will check out some of her published work. Mary is an excellent scholar who seeks to do historical theology, that is, she seeks to study and understand the history of Christianity in its past and contemporary theological contexts and implications. It is an honour to have her as one of my supervisors.

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