Welcome to Letters from the Edge of Elfland,

I’m David Russell Mosley and I have a PhD in theology from the University of Nottingham. My research focuses on deification, also known as theosis, and the role it plays, and should play in human life, particularly human creativity. My research interests include patristic and medieval theology, sacramentology, liturgy, poetry, fantasy (literature), Christology, Trinitarian theology, deification, economics and theology, ecology and theology, and other areas of Christian theology.

I am husband to Lauren Mosley (who blogs here) and am the father of twin boys. In my spare time, I like to read fiction and poetry, as well as write fiction and poetry; work in the garden; smoke pipes; drink good ale and whiskey; write hand-written letters; and read to my children.

I am also the author of the books On the Edges of Elfland, a faërie romance which has been published by Wipf and Stock publishers, and Being Deified: Poetry and Fantasy on the Path to God which will be published by Fortress Press.

This blog is a collection of letters from me to you. In them, I’ll write to you about theology, about my research, about the importance of poetry, fiction, liturgy; I’ll even write about my life from time to time, or the books I’m currently reading. So sit down in a comfortable chair, and join me as we correspond sitting, as we always must, on the edge of Elfland.

Sincerely Yours,