Cutting a Mango, Emansplained

Cutting a Mango, Emansplained July 24, 2020

Hi folks. It’s been a couple weeks, and when a friend asked why I haven’t posted in a while, I responded that I don’t know what to write about. He says to me, “Not everyone is going to be profound. Or good. Just write something.”

I love watching life hack videos. Some of them are ridiculous. I don’t think a glue gun will solve the world’s problems. But I watch hours and hours of them. They’re cheesy and some of them are just plain fake, and I watch hours of them. Have you seen the mango cutting hack? I’ve seen so many of them, and they all are rather bad. They waste a lot of the meat of the mango and they make a terrible mess.

A friend once asked me how I cut a mango, and I ranted and raved about the current state of mango cutting videos. I promised her that I would make her a video of me cutting a mango. And I did.

I wish I made this up, but this is how I was taught by my mother to eat a mango. I guess it’s a thing Egyptians do. Then I shared the video on a public Facebook page where people share pictures of the food they’re making in quarantine. It was a hit. This isn’t my first food video. I’ve made plenty… but this is my favorite, and by far it has the most views. Enjoy a mango today.


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