It Was A Night Around Christmas

It Was A Night Around Christmas December 28, 2011

Since the first Christmas was likely in April it won’t be too inappropriate for this to be a few days late. After all, it is called a night “around” Christmas. (Spoken to the cadence of “T’was The Night Before Christmas” duh!)

It was a night around Christmas, in a crowded old cave

With camels and horses and cattle she laid

Knocked up by the Spirit, baby daddy beside

Psycho girl in some trouble, or maybe she lied


No time for a cleaning, no time for midwife

The stable was plenty for this baby’s life

Creation around him to welcome him in

The One who created them all back way back when


Looking for something or someone so grand

The shepherds crossed over oppressor man’s land

Kept out of the courts, their injustice not heard

He trusted them scoundrels to spread the first word


Representing creation, a pretty good crowd

Some shepherds, and cattle, and mice and some foul

A poor pregnant virgin, a blue-collar man

And wealthy Star Gazers from Iraq or Iran


All witness a Jew-baby, once who’d been King

And creator, and communist divinity

Calling back all creation, calling all strangers home

Bedded in a camel spit and mouse feces throne


A man for the poor, the outcast, the oppressed

For women and Gentiles and all of the rest

For earth and creation, for animals too

For those who just need him, like me and like you.


It was a night around Christmas, in a crowded old cave

When God gave up Jesus to the World he had made.

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  • Great little poem. I really enjoyed a fresh perspective on the nativity story. Thanks Randy.

  • Katie Speedy

    Nice poem – I like the gritty stuff. One question – do you really think there was no midwife? or women acting in that role? Just because there’s no mention of women there in support of Mary, do you think they were absent?

    • Katie, I think this is one of those questions we will probably never know the answer to. I personally think there was not a mid-wife present because she is not mentioned and other things are mentioned in great detail. If there was a mid-wife present, the writer missed a good opportunity to expand the story. By the same token, I suppose you could say the writer was trying to truncate the story. Thanks for asking and getting us thinking more about it.

  • So, Jesus’ birth was all about politics? And you really God is a “communist divinity”?

    So much for”Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am chief”.

    So much for “The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for me”.

    But, apparently, you can try to add an extra S to USA, and be ok.

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