A Little Bapticostal Misfit Bible Study

A Little Bapticostal Misfit Bible Study October 10, 2016

Bapticostal Misfit Bible Study
Bapticostal Misfit
Bible Study

I absolutely adored Bible studies as a young evangelical. Finding my way into the progressive world, I desire to still dig in the Bible.

So, here’s my first little Bible Study for you and your friends. Have fun with this! I’m totes just asking questions, and I’d like for you to reflect on the answers you dig up.

1. What were the scriptures Jesus would have accessed?
A) Do you access those scriptures regularly?
B) how do they inform your ethics and practices?

2. How did Jesus treat those outside of the dominant religious systems and political power systems?

3. What seems to be the main message of the sermon on the mount?

4. How does Jesus want his followers to treat their enemies?

5. What things to the prophets continually warn the people of God against?

6. According to MICAH 6:6-8, what is important to God?

7. According to Romans 14, how should we treat other believers who disagree with us on cultural matters?

8. According to Isaiah 1:10-17, what does God desire?
A) Why do you think Isaiah calls the religious people Sodom and Gomorrah in this passage?
B) According to this chapter, if the people of God repent what will happen?

9. According to Amos 5, what does God want?

10. According to Ezekiel 16, what was the sin of Sodom?

11. According to Isaiah 58, what is the fast that God has chosen?

12. According to Matthew 23, what are the most important matters of God’s law

13. According to Acts 6, what were the two functions of the early church?

14. According to James 5, why is God angry at the rich?

15. According to Romans 14, how should Christ followers treat other believers who hold different views on purity codes and worship styles?


stay tuned for more Bapticostal Misfit Bible Studies…




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