Lines at Easter

Lines at Easter April 29, 2012

I am an amateur poet. Well, more precisely I scribble on paper and end up throwing it next to my bed in my ever growing pile of papers, or if it’s lucky it ends up in a binder. Whatever that is called, that is what I do. The majority of my poetry focuses on nature, philosophy or love. However, I have long desired to write a poem that would reflect the inner emotions I feel toward God. Unfortunately, any time I have attempted this in the past, it ended up sounding cliché. You know how it is – in your deepest moments when you want to express your feelings about God you are left almost mute. Even the most accomplished of wordsmiths are left to their childish babbling.

During Holy Week, the lord had pity upon me and not only brought me out of my year-long writing drought, but allowed me to worship in the process. Therefore, I dedicate this poem to the Triune God to whom I humbly serve, as well as to the people of God to whom help sustain my faith.



Lines at Easter


I say, let the night come!

Let the cold moon cower behind its borrowed brightness –

Let its heart be broken

Through its raging loneliness,

Which only the human soul has known.


Let it walk the sky all night,

Like a lonely walk down an empty street,

Let it know the burden of wounded feet.



I say, let the night come!

Let the stars shiver like scared children

Under a shroud of cloud cover;

Let each one suffer

Their own lonely pain.


Let each one hurl themselves from the heavens,

Like the rejected stars they are;

And let them contain the same generous scars

They leave upon the land.



I say, let the night come!

Let the thunder crash and the rain pour heavy upon the land

Let the flood of tears flowing from the sky

Be like the same flood, which holds my grieving eyes.



Let not a single drop of man fall.


As the ephemeral night begins creeping,

And the pale moon loses its light.

The night begins it’s weeping,

And the morning embers spread across the widening sky.

I am reminded when the light breaches the horizon,

That no matter how long the night is,

The sun still rises.


~ Eric English



* Please note: you are free to use this poem as you wish for your own personal and public worship. I only ask that you credit the author.


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