Interview an Atheist at Church Day – May 5

Interview an Atheist at Church Day – May 5 March 20, 2013

On May 5, 2013 atheists from all over the United States will be interviewed at Church. If you are a Pastor willing to interview or an atheist willing to be interviewed, please join us! Every interview will be videotaped and available to watch on our Facebook page and website. Help us connect atheists with Church-goers!

If you are interested in hosting an Atheist for a conversation click here 


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  • I’m available to be a interviewee. Im the high preist of atheism in conservative Orange County CA.

  • I”m long time atheist activist, and I’m more than willing to be interviewed by a church in the Southern California area or elsewhere if my expenses are paid.

  • John T Kincaid

    30’s-40’s couple 4 children all Humanist …Santa Rosa ca or any where around the north bay area. We would love the opportunity!

  • I’ve registered with Interview an Atheist at Church Day, and the 60 mile radius I’m able to travel free of charge includes all of Los Angeles County, much of Orange County, and most of Ventura County. That circle includes more than 2,700 houses of worship.
    I’m well respected in the atheist blogosphere because I write an advice column called Ask Richard for the popular blog, Friendly Atheist. I work to help people find positive solutions to conflicts with their family and friends over differences about religious beliefs. I’m amicable, articulate, and interested only in helping to promote accurate understanding and constructive relationships between believers and non-believers.