Rob Bell Is Wrong

Rob Bell Is Wrong March 21, 2013

Of course I am all for Rob Bell coming out in favor of humanity. And, theoretically, who could disagree with this?

We need more love.

But, it’s where he goes next that frustrates me:

We need more fidelity. We need more monogamy. We need more people who are committed to each other. It’s not good for us to be alone.

What bothers me here is the equation between love/fidelity/commitment and monogamy. That the only possible solution to not being alone is to be in a monogamous (and I would assume he also means permanent) relationship with another person. From my perspective, this just isn’t going far enough.

So, fellow “progressive Christians,” how progressive are we really going to be?

If you don’t know who Dan Savage is, you should. If you haven’t read Sex At Dawn yet, you should. These are the ways that I think “God is pulling us forward.”

A sustainable Christianity will not require monogamy.

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