TEDx: Are God & Reality Converging?

TEDx: Are God & Reality Converging? September 21, 2014

I was recently engaged in a spirited conversation about “Convergence Christianity” with my friend and colleague, Eric Elnes, at his home in Omaha, Nebraska.

Eric described how he sees things evolving in the post-evangelical, post-liberal Christian world, and I shared how I’ve been noticing a similar convergence occurring in a wide range of secular and religious contexts.

What exactly is converging? You can see Eric’s take on this question here.

As I’ve traveled North America the past twelve years, speaking to religious and secular groups of great variety, I see signs that six core religious concepts are now converging with their secular equivalents. Moreover, these religious concepts are all strengthened by such pairings. The six are:

  • God and Reality
  • Scripture and Evidence
  • Genesis and Big History
  • Theology and Ecology
  • Spirituality and Integrity
  • Evangelism and Fostering a Just and Healthy Future for All

I sketch out the contours of this “Religion 3.0” synthesis in my TEDx talk, below. For a fuller treatment, see my “God in Big History” videos, especially number 3, “Reality is Lord!“.

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