The Conversation Lives – Welcome to Emerging Voices

The Conversation Lives – Welcome to Emerging Voices September 1, 2014

Welcome to the next incarnation and rebirth of what was the Emergent Village Voice and is now the Emerging Voices blogging community. As curators of this blog we have been listening deeply to the emergent conversation. We have been and will continue to be influenced by those in the margins who wish to speak to this place of crossroads, passing encounters and shared passions. We are mix of new and seasoned voices as well as friends who would identify themselves as outside of the Emergent conversation, but part of other generative communities of faith, justice and social transformation.

This community embodies the articulation of a few key components, logical realities, and faithful aspirations:

1. We openly acknowledge the dramatic, and in many ways blossoming, changes in Emergence in the last decade.


2. We are addressing the often critiqued issue found in much of Emerging and Progressive Christianity in which much of the voices in our communities have been Heterosexual Anglo Men.

3. We are embracing the beauty of diversity in tenor, cadence, spiritual vantage points, and cultural context which has blossomed in the Emergence movement–and trying to give them all a voice.


4. We understand that at points in all movements, community-groups, and religious ages of enlightenment there must be paradigm shifts to move beyond what was into a re-birthing of what is and could be.


5. We are excited and inspired by the amount of creativity and literary diversity in the voices of all our bloggers taking part in the Emerging Voices relaunch and we look forward to people speaking from all facets of life and faith.


6. We are emboldened by the variety of life perspectives brought into this virtual conversation–from academics to healing professionals, from straight to queer, from Christian to other religion and no religion allies in this field.


7. We are hopeful that this new life and new voices into the ether of Emergence will enliven communities around the nation and the globe speaking out of and into emerging and progressive communities of faith and faith dialogue.


8. We believe we can be as inclusive and whole in the Emerging movement as the world is as a whole. As we move into an age of racial [nearly] and religious pluralism we hope Emergence can be a forward thinking movement, breathing into this beautiful reality of diversity.


9. We understand that these Emerging Voices carry a variety of lenses, philosophies, and perspectives with which to look at issues of justice, goodness, ill, and discontent in our current Western and global world.

10. We believe we need this diversity of voices, prophets and poets, artists and healers, speaking into our culture, or society, and our ever-changing and often-explosive times.

We look forward to stepping into this adventure with all of you–our writers and our readers–to explore the near and far reaches of faith, culture, spirituality, and justice. Write, read, listen and contemplate with us this new era of faith and this new paradigm of Emergence!

–Teresa Pasquale and Holly Roach

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