“You’re Only As Good As Your Friends”

“You’re Only As Good As Your Friends” March 17, 2015

Last night, Anthony Smith (aka Postmodern Negro) and I celebrated our 10-year friendiversary with an impromptu livestream conversation, recorded and shared here for posterity. During our hour-long conversation, we reminisce about the last decade of emerging church conversation, our local involvement in the Charlotte Emergent cohort group (which is still going, by the way!), and the power of friendship (among many other things, including the 15 books Anthony is reading right now!). As Anthony said during our conversation, “You’re only as good as your friends.” And Anthony and I are both better because of our friendship with each other. And with many of you here in the Emerging Voices community!

In this thing formerly known as Emergent (now emergence, convergence, etc.), we’ve always talked about it in terms of “a generative friendship.” As we move further and deeper into movement-building and strategy for social change, I was reminded powerfully yesterday — by both Anthony Smith and new friend, Adam Bucko — about the power of relationship.

And, as awesome as technology is to bring us together virtually, it will be SO SWEET to be together incarnationally at Transform 2015, April 23-25 in Washington, D.C. Don’t miss this awesome opportunity to (re-)connect in face-to-face community! Anthony, Adam, and I will all be there (along with Shane Claiborne, Rev. William Barber, Jennifer Bailey, Lisa Anderson, etc. etc. so many awesome people, too many name right here!), and we’d love for you to be there too. You can save $50 on registration now with coupon code: DC2015 — register online now!

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