Slave to Love

Slave to Love October 6, 2015

When did this happen?  She felt like an overcooked porkchop…

Where was her essence, flavor or juiciness for life?  Curiosity dried up;  just a slave to lists, responsibilities and have to’s.  When had she last danced a samba naked, wild  pulsating heart matching a sultry bassline?  Her heart restless and  bones dry, she desired passion and tenderness whether in the forest alone or beneath the covers with her lover.

She had read in 1 corinthians 12:21
The eye cannot say to the hand, I don’t need you! And the head cannot say to the feet, I don’t need you!.

She read about humanity’s separation from God.
First split— creation from creator

Second split—  inner from outer

Third split —ego from higher self

While naval gazing she forgot that human is holy.  Life could not possibly  be limited to we work and taxi our kids until we die.  Life was supposed to have space for learning the mandolin, drinking coffee black as night and sweet as sin©.  She wanted to return home to herself most of all.

She desires daily communion and anointing.  Getting her Freak ON for the Love of her Father!!   Worshiping with her body + her breath,   her blood coursing, heart pounding just to feel her aliveness, feel fluidity return!!  Melting something hard inside with the heat of transformation to embrace  His promise that Blood was not shed for naught. Blood was shed for HER.

It’s personal.

Trinity as a concept can only work in our lives actively if God is Divine Flow— under, around, and through all things©—much more a verb than a noun; relationship itself, not a white-bearded grandfather in the sky.

The good news however is that Christ consciousness is drawing all things together!!  Including yoga (trinity in the Hindu tradition)-  a practice that has been around for 5000 years. The word itself means the yoking or union of mind, body and spirit.  And we don’t need hours a day to receive the benefits.  Just 30 minutes a day to develop a connection to trust our Inner Authority.

Experience is the teacher.   He tells her in a still, small voice ‘She is so LOVED’ and from this depth of knowing receipt of this Love was not earned, she is filled with a compulsion to share the good/great news of Grace.

Becoming a Slave to LOVE is a gift!!

  • no matter we don’t cook homemade, healthy meals for our family every night
  • no matter we begin our day with prayer, practice or racing out the door
  • no matter we eat our emotions, gamble, drink, smoke or gossip too much
  • no matter we are stuck in our neurosis
  • no matter we have mean thoughts or lusty ones or  act them out on occasion
  • no matter we yell at our kids once in awhile
  • no matter we are afraid to speak our truth
  • no matter we don’t feel pretty or strong
  • no matter we failed the test, didn’t get the promotion
  • no matter how lonely she feels…

She is CONNECTED to the One who created her in love.   The body prayer will return her again + again to begin anew, becoming fierce with the reality that she is whole, healed + reconciled.  Separation is a bold-faced lie…


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