Now – A poem and painting reminding us to be present

Now – A poem and painting reminding us to be present April 17, 2016


This year I have been thinking about how to get the most out of life. What I landed upon was to be more present in each moment. But that is hard to do. I consider it a skill that is learned and practiced. So this year I have been meditating on what it means to experience the presence, to feel it, and to pay attention to it. I want to realize that “power of now” that so many spiritual masters speak of. This squares with my Christian spiritual practices because I believe we can be more open to loving God and loving each other when we quiet the chatter in our minds and really focus on the person or task at hand – the perfect moment and place in the universe that God has placed us in. I invite you to consider learning about what it means to experience the power of NOW.

The above piece of art and the accompanying poem below are pieces that I made which hung in a recent art show at Solomon’s Porch in Minneapolis.  The piece of art now hangs prominently in my home. It is a simple reminder every time I see it to connect with the people and events of the present. To live in the NOW, which is the only thing we really have.

I hope you enjoy it.


NOW                                                                      by riley o’brien powell


Be present.

Really, truly present.

Right here and now,

In this moment.


Stop to breathe.

No really, do it.

I’ll wait…

Breathe again deeper.


Exhale and let go of worry.

There, good.

Release the future to come in Perfect Time.

Just for this moment.

Right now.

Let it go up in smoke.

And be here. Really here.


Right now.


In the present,

With feet firmly planted,

In this perfect moment.


In this Golden Moment that will never happen again.

Thank you for sharing it with me.

Be free to be you.

Right where you are, who you are today.

In the Golden Gift of NOW.

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