‘There is no Planet B’: Children Going on Strike over Climate Change

‘There is no Planet B’: Children Going on Strike over Climate Change February 15, 2019

Thousands of UK students are taking the day off school today to demand action on climate change. According to the UK Student Climate Network, these are their demands:

  1. The Government declare a climate emergency and prioritise the protection of life on Earth, taking active steps to achieve climate justice.
  2. The national curriculum is reformed to address the ecological crisis as an educational priority.
  3. The Government communicate the severity of the ecological crisis and the necessity to act now to the general public.
  4. The Government recognise that young people have the biggest stake in our future, by incorporating youth views into policy making and bringing the voting age down to 16.

We grown-ups have failed these children miserably. It is they who will be forced to deal with the global crisis that scientists are predicting will have unprecedented, catastrophic effects if we fail to take immediate, drastic measures to curb carbon emissions. They are facing a future of political instability and a breakdown of civilisation as we know it as the influx of climate refugees becomes too much pressure for our systems to bear.

The current political systems, at least in the UK and the US, lead to short-term political decision-making rather than drastic changes for longterm effect. This is unless there is a surge of pressure from the public to make these urgent changes before it is too late. Today’s protests could potentially signal the shift in public opinion that is so desperately needed – but only if the rest of us sit up and pay attention.

We’ve buried our heads in the sand for long enough. Let’s listen to our children today. Let’s imagine for a second what it must feel like for your future to be set on such a horrifying path and to see the grown-ups around you not care enough to do anything about it. Let’s stand with them, adding our voices to their cries for urgent action on climate change.


Will you be able to look your children and grandchildren in the eye and say you did everything you could?

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  • jekylldoc

    I don’t want to look them in the eye and say, “Sorry, but I did everything I could.” I want to look them in the eye and say, “Yes, people seem pretty crazy sometimes, but look how we pulled together and overcame the threat of climate catastrophe.”

  • Robert Conner

    And why, I wonder, would the political systems being failing?


  • Mr. James Parson

    Was anything accomplished with all this?

  • Tracy Brown

    HEADS UP FOLKS. I have a question. I am asking it simply because I do not know the answer. I assume at least a few of the regulars at Emma’s blog are hardcore Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals. By the term “hardcore,” I mean steadfast, militant, and immovable—a person is absolutely and dead certainly right—a person who knows in their heart that he or she is definitely going to Heaven and people like Emma have zero chance of getting out of going to Hell. Now here is the question:

    “What is the standard Christian fundamentalist or conservative evangelical position on man-induced global warming and all of the horrors that professional scientists expect to begin occurring with ever increasing danger and gravity across the many decades to come—and support it with Holy scripture. Why should we simply forget man-induced climate change of this nature, quit worrying about it, do absolutely nothing about it—and everything will be okay.”

    I am asking because I have never seen or heard what this standard Christian fundamentalist or conservative evangelical argument is. I even spent a good deal of an afternoon last year trying to find such a standard argument on-line—and I failed miserably. I could tell in several different articles that people were against the idea of man-induced global warming and against trying to do anything about climate change—but it was like i was getting brief snippets of how one person felt rather than getting a single, cohesive, all-encompassing standard argument. Most of the Christian fundamentalists I have ever known have a standard Biblical argument for everything they believe—complete with numerous clobber verses from the Bible that are designed to simultaneously support their position on some issue and beat their enemies to a bloody pulp.

    I am ready. I am ignorant. Please give me the argument. I am ready to hear it. No—this is not a set-up for a beating in a rhetorical dark alley. I honestly do not know this argument—but would like to hear it if there is one. Which one of you has the Christian fundamentalist testicles or ovaries big enough to jump in and fully answer my question? Thank you in advance for your help!!!

  • Tracy Brown

    Probably not. Human beings are generally unwilling to deal with crises until the fires of Hell are right on top of them and already beginning to rain down. Here in the United States—I believe—our Republican politicians and industrial leaders have a “wait and see” attitude about man-induced climate change and the potential catastrophes associated with it. Why? There is a general feeling, when looking at the whole world, that there will be “climate change winners” and “climate change losers.” The winners will be the individual nations that are least impacted, and the losers will be the nations most horribly impacted.

    You European folks probably recall the utter devastation of World War II on your countries. Berlin was flattened. The UK was bad off after the blitz. The items of simple daily life were missing—and a massive rebuilding of Europe was necessary from the ground up. The American Marshal Plan rebuilt Europe, and American goods and services filled the millions of simple voids in everyday European life. Indeed, the Post-World War II economic boom in the United States was largely a result of rebuilding and resupplying a devastated Europe for several decades.

    American politicians and industrialists are holding off on fighting climate change so they can see how global warming will affect the United States—first—and to see if we are one of the winners or one of the losers. If we are one of the winners, and we can accurately identify the major losers, the United states can position itself as an arch international predator to take economic and geopolitical advantage over the losers and extort extraordinarily large sums of money from losers—like say Japan—in exchange for resupplying and rebuilding their countries. American companies and individuals will obtain money (the true American god) beyond the wildest wet dreams of avarice through resupply and rebuilding of the loser nations. Weakened American geopolitical enemies will find a heavy U.S. military jackboot pressed down on their necks in a full choke. Winners and losers folks—and getting close enough to utter disaster to make early calls about who the winners and losers will be—without the United States being nationally overcome early and first. Winners. Losers. Who gets the advantage over whom.

  • PeterandJanice McCaul

    Climate change I read your bit on penal substitution that was beautiful
    the climate change thing is all about bad farming that is no carbon sequstrition year on year in the soil grass land can generate organic material vs. woods 40 to 1 I’ve heard.
    because of artificial fertlizer raw liquid slurry cattle wintered over slatted concrete tanks and cattle eating cash crops grown also with artificial ground depleting fertilisers the parable of the sower is true good ground requires time for dead thing to decay things to be put to death in it to make it produce Gal 2 20 vs the present stimulas package
    choked with thorns, thistles in grass land exist because of compaction of the soil over farmed and thramped in good organic soil the ph is such that the minerals are leached from the stones but when there is no soil hope you find this useful