This in From Sunstone South

This in From Sunstone South October 27, 2014

After two and a half years, the “New” Maxwell Institute has finally decided to try to explain “what’s changed at the Maxwell Institute.”  See here:

If anyone can make any sense of this verbose and meandering statement, could you please explain it to me?  

It seems to me the plan is to archive the classic-FARMS stuff, and publish new stuff that is different from classic-FARMS stuff largely because it is has “greater scholarly rigor, responsibility” which classic-FARMS publications lacked.  (Can’t get much more arrogant and patronizing that that.)  And it a leads one to wonder: why archive the old classic-FARMS stuff that lacks such scholarly rigor and responsibility?

Note that the new Journal of Book of Mormon Studies plans to focus on the Book of Mormon’s

various meanings, internal structure, literary features, reception history, documentary sources, historical provenance, theological implications, and comparative significance

That’s fascinating in the fact that it doesn’t mention anything relating to the Book of Mormon as an ancient historical text that was the hallmark of classic-FARMS.  Since no edition of the journal has appeared in 2014, and the latest published issue was under the previous editorship, it is unclear what this means in practical terms.  At any rate, we shall see.  


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