Taking a Stand

Taking a Stand November 5, 2014

Some people have objected to the little satire I posted about the new Maxwell Institute (MI) a few days ago.   Let me clarify. 1- I didn’t write it; a friend sent it to me. 2- I posted it because I thought it was an amusing and illustrative satire. 3- It is neither an argument nor an accusation.  It is a satire; part of satire is exaggeration.

However, it does illuminate a fundamental concern with the new direction of the MI.  Classic FARMS took a stand on the historicity of LDS scripture.  Classic FARMS took a stand defending the truth-claims of the Church.  Classic FARMS focused on Mormonism AND ancient studies.  Contributors to classic FARMS donated their money to the foundation precisely because they supported it taking a stand on historicity of LDS scripture, publishing LDS apologetics, and focusing on ancient studies.

Unfortunately the implications of the new direction at MI on these matters is not at all clear.  The MI refuses to take a public stand on the historicity of LDS scripture.  They have explicitly rejected doing apologetics as “unscholarly.”  They have turned their attention away from ancient LDS scripture studies towards nineteenth and twentieth century “Mormon Studies.”  And they get really upset when someone points out this obvious fact.

People need to take a stand for what they believe in, and provide clarity about what they don’t believe in.  Too many people obfuscate their beliefs and the implications of those beliefs.  People who refuse to take a stand should not be upset if this makes others confused about where they stand.

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