More Confusion about Historicity

More Confusion about Historicity January 8, 2015

David Bokovoy is a smart guy, a good scholar, and a wonderful human being.  But he is hopelessly muddled in his thinking about historicity.  He recently posted some thoughts on the matter on his blog.  His claims there raise literally dozen of questions, and I really hope he’s willing to engage in a detailed discussion on the matter.  Lack of clarity of thought on this (and any other important topic) is highly counter-productive.

So let me start with one simple question.  Does historicity ever matter in scripture?  Is it important that there be some ontological connection between religious claims and reality.  More specifically, does the historicity of Jesus matter?  Are the gospels just as meaningful and important if Jesus didn’t exist (as the Jesus-myth crowd believes)?  Or, if Jesus did exist, does it matter if he really rose from the dead, or if his disciples were just hallucinating?

I hope David will engage these important questions (and many others I have).

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