Jenkins Response 13: Recap

Jenkins Response 13: Recap June 26, 2015

As is typical in on the web, this debate is starting to spin out of control and splinter into numerous tangents.  I am therefore going to limit comments even further.  I am going to stick to the point of this debate, not start another twenty.  Sorry.  If you’d like to discuss a topic of your particular interest, you can start your own blog.

To Recap:

1- Prof. Jenkins steadfastly refuses to accept the existence of ABMS, even for the sake of argument.  As far as I can tell, he steadfastly refuses to read articles by LDS scholars, even if they provide an answer to a question he asks.  In this he is a poster child for the modern academy.  There is no need to even read the BOM in order to proclaim with supreme confidence that it is bogus.  There is no need to read anything written by LDS scholars on the topic; since we already know the BOM is bogus, we can rest assured, with supreme confidence, that any arguments they make will be bogus.

Now in one sense, I understand his position.  He thinks the BOM is bogus nonsense and doesn’t want to waste his time on it.  I sympathize.  Life is short.  One cannot know everything about everything.  So one must pick and choose.  And that’s fine.  But if that is his choice, then he should remain silent about the question of the historicity of BOM.

2- Prof. Jenkins needs to start answering questions, not just asking them.  Football games aren’t fair if one team is always on the defensive.  So, to start with, I have two questions for Professor Jenkins:

A- Have you ever read the entire BOM with any degree of seriousness?

B- Are you willing to read articles and books by LDS scholars on ABMS?


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